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Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker. This is an excellent unit that I’d advocate, given the value I paid. Terribly straightforward operation – push one button to begin it and that is it; the thermal bottle doesn’t have a hot plate, there aren’t any programming choices, there aren’t any production choices. Fill the basket with grounds, fill the tank with water, push the beginning button.

The things concerning this that hassle me:

The feet square measure suction cups…this is nice because it keeps the machine from being knocked over, however, I move it out from beneath the cupboard to fill the tank and therefore ought to mess with the suction cups on every occasion. Eventually, I expect they’ll tear or fall out however up to now thus sensible when some months of standard use.

Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker
Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

The water comes into contact with lots of plastic. The tank, basket, and bottle lid square measure all plastic. For Bodum’s retail damage I’d expect less plastic, on the other hand} again I got this at a big discount.

Sometimes the machine is fastidious once beginning – if the bottle isn’t set excellent the beginning button can flash red. An equivalent issue happens if the machine thinks the tank has no water, that largely happens once the tank is crammed while not detaching it from the machine.

This is the worst flaw of the machine: the detachable cistern encompasses a terrible seal. Since I bought it new, it’s leaked once stuffed with water whereas detached from the machine. Either the rubber seal or the come spring is junk, however arduous to inform that. The best resolution to the present is to stay the tank connected and simply fill it with a pitcher – very similar to each alternative kitchen appliance. This is often not a deal breaker on behalf of me as a result of I solely paid $60 for this and it makes nice low.


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