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A holiday, an always-anticipated word to stretch a tense mind. When vacationing at the destination, certainly a lot of things you want to enjoy. Lots of beautiful and nice places to visit in Indonesia. Best places to travel in Indonesia which became the main destination, one of which is the city of Malang.

On this occasion, I will share experiences about the pleasure and the pleasure of visiting tourist attractions and culinary places in Malang. Actually, some of these places are a nice place to visit my version, in a sense, I am happy and enjoy spending time in some of these places.

Malang, a tourism city, so called because of the many sights that are a city in the mountains, in addition to the city of tourism, I call it also as a culinary city, because in this Malang City in addition to many traditional culinary places, also popping up an interesting modern culinary Visited. Some of these places I call it best places to travel in July on a budget because the visit to the tourist attractions and culinary places is indeed very affordable. Some of these places include:

Traditional Hangout “Gadjah Lumping” Batu, Malang
This place became my first destination to the city of Malang, after searching for information about this place, and … finally, I with my family visited this place. The atmosphere is remarkable, combining traditional and modern concepts, making this place as a destination for exciting culinary trips.
Foods offered include rice wrap traditional wrapped in banana leaves, various kinds of sate, fried traditional cake served by ready-to-eat. Rice leaf wrapper offered was very much. A variety of traditional Indonesian food, especially typical Jogjakarta also provided here.
You can visit this place, on Jalan Ir. Soekarno 125, Beji, Batu, Malang.

Best Places To Travel In July Asia
Best Places To Travel In July Asia

Local Foods Kitchen of
Onion Sauce “Mbah Jayus”
What can you imagine from this culinary place? Definitely, you answer it with spicy food that inspires the appetite. Yes, for sure. And on the spot, you can order chili sauce with the number of chilies according to your taste. Places to eat Mbah Jayus as a menu for local foods, providing convenience in the form of fast food, let alone served fresh food.
This dining place has always been the destination of spicy culinary lovers in Malang City and is open from 7 pm to midnight. Actually, the food menu sold is normal, the food menu is a daily food in the homes of Indonesian people, such as hot white rice, various kinds of fried dishes, namely fried tempe, tempe made from beans, chicken wings, chicken head and etc..
Mbah Jayus’s dining location is located on Jalan Candi Ngrimbi (on the back of Widyagama University Campus Malang).

Best Places To Travel In July And August
Best Places To Travel In July And August

Best Place To Travel To In July at Sengkaling Recreation Park, Malang, East Java
This recreation place is a water-based tourist attraction as an attraction to attract tourists. This tour is very wide with nine hectares of land, and with its appeal, this resort has five swimming pools, thirteen kinds of games, such as water bikes, boom car, kiddy train and much more.
Location Sengkaling Recreation Park located on Jalan Raya Mulyoagung Number 188, Sengkaling, Malang.

Best Places To Visit In July And August
Best Places To Visit In July And August

Local Foods Menu of Gadjah Lumping Malang
This unique dining place seems to still be a group with Gadjah Lumping that I visited in Batu Malang. From these two places Gadjah Lumping, this place is the most I like, because the place is not too broad and the arrangement is also good and not too far between the selection of food and eating places.
This dining place just opened on December 1, 2014, the traditional food menu provided the dominant menu of the  traditional cuisine of Java with the dominant spicy flavor, also provided rice leaf wrap, roasted satay, and other typical beverages.
This unique dining place is located on Jalan MT. Hariono Number 146 Malang.

Best Places To Visit July Time
Best Places To Visit July Time

Local Food Drives of Malang Strudel
Malang Strudel becomes one of the typical souvenir food outlets of Malang which is currently always being hunted by tourists who come to the city of Malang. Departure from curious about the information about the pleasure of cakes owned by Teuku Wisnu, this Indonesian actor, I finally headed to one of the booths “Malang Strudel” is on Jalan Ardimulyo No. 14 Singosari Malang.
Malang This strudel is a pastry made from pastry and filled with fruits, although the food is typical from Austria,  it seems to have been modified with the tongue of the Indonesian people. There is a selection of flavors with apple flavor, banana chocolate, cheese, and strawberries.

Local Food Drives
Local Food Drives

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