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Cheap K Cup Coffee Maker – Keurig K-Cup K10 mini and Brewer low Maker: Personal brewer Heats and brews in a pair of minutes Compact size excellent for little areas selection of three cup sizes merely add H2O for every cup Plastic construction.

The drip receptacle will be eliminated for production straight into travel mugs and automotive shut-off conserves energy. The Technibrew carries a one-yr manufacturer’s guarantee.

Individual coffee maker enables you to brew one ideal cup of low at a time. Also, heat water for a tasty beverage, tea, or soup. Why brew an entire pot once you wish only 1 specific cup? For the Property, workplace or faculty. This one cup kitchen appliance is ideal for production one or two of cups per day. If you’re single or your substantial different doesn’t appreciate low as lots as you are doing, this item is for you. Usefulness, lower footprint and prime quality elements are all components of the look and elegance of this marvelous mini appliance.

Cheap K Cup Coffee Maker
Cheap K Cup Coffee Maker


  • Removable drip tray–allows for production into travel mugs
  • Auto-shut off; one year manufacturer’s warrant

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