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Coffee Pot Cleaner. An advertisement cleaner for occasional production and low selling instrumentation. Cleans plastic, glass and stainless-steel pots. Counseled for removing natural oil residues left once production occasional or tea. Removes occasional and tea stains from most brewers and air pots. Removes stains from occasional pots, their dispensing carafes, and within occasional manufacturers.

Coffee Pot Cleaner Amazon
Coffee Pot Cleaner Amazon

• Coffee Pot Cleaner is powerful and straightforward to use. It eliminates the necessity for serious cleansing to get rid of stains on occasional pots.
• Coffee Pot Cleaner removes the toughest stains from often used occasional pots creating occasional style recent.
• Coffee Pot Cleaner may also be used a weekly run through to scrub out business occasional manufacturers and their holding tanks.

Usage: Squeeze atiny low quantity of CPC into the pot. Add predicament, swab and rinse.

Large Machines: take away basket and cap. Add three squirts of CPC round the high edges of the reservoir and let the merchandise trickle down the edges. A twist on the lid then adds a squirt down the outlet. Insert a filter into the brew basket. Saturate filter with one or two squirts of CPC. Set water level to the very best level accustomed brew occasional in this machine. Push the “Brew” button. Once finished production, empty water directly into the drain. Run another brew with simply water to rinse out the machine.




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