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When most of the people consider refractometers they image one among the VST models since they’re the trade customary, this can be what I’ll compare against. Atago in Japan builds a full bunch of specific refractometers, one dear named “PAL-Coffee.” The PAL possible stands for one thing technical that I can’t be arsed to browse au courant, however, I favor considering this as my wee occasional pal (friend).

Coffee Refractometer Atago
Coffee Refractometer Atago

The Good

  • About a third/half the value of a VST one relying on wherever you’re shopping for from.
  • Just as consistent because of the VST version.
  • Automatically displays multiple readings.
  • You solely got to press a button once to urge a reading (precious energy saved)
  • It’s smaller and “pocket-sized”
  • It comes in its own very little case Associate in Nursing even has a raised card with a photograph of a Japanese man – he’s in all probability the creator or one thing, I don’t recognize, it’s beat Japanese. He appearance terribly happy
  • Also shows temperature, if that’s of any use

The Bad

  • Much slower than the VST versions -takes around twenty seconds per reading, even then takes forty seconds to choose Associate in Nursing correct one.
  • Tends to offer a rather higher reading than the VST models (This goes against what was tested and located by philosopher occasional – a much more scientific and well-rounded superior blogging website than mine.) I’ve older this against multiple VSTs, the most takeaway although is that it’s still consistent and therefore the TDS reading is merely extremely a degree of respect to comparing coffees anyway.
  • Looks and feels low cost because it seems like a youngsters toy thanks to the clear plastic body
  • The body is obscurity close to as solid on the VST creating the Atago feel quite lightweight and fragile
  • Little protection for the reading lens, unless you retain it within the box
  • The lens is additionally narrower and deeper than the VST creating it harder to scrub properly
    Overall it’s a very sensible device. I feel each barista will massively improve their occasional production skills by having regular access to a measuring instrument, they ought to be a necessary piece of kit for each coffeehouse.

The lower cost makes this far more accessible and it’s particular price as compared to any VST version.
Having same that after I have the selection of Atago or VST I’ll invariably notice myself exploitation the VST since I’m impatient and it’s quicker. I’d still suggest the Atago because it is far higher price and delivers the identical quality of reading, albeit slower.

Warning to those shopping for:
“Atago builds plenty of various refractometers, even a number of totally different occasional ones. Do some analysis 1st to create certain you’re shopping for the foremost acceptable and up-to-date model.”

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