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This time the delicious recipe will bring up the idea of daily recipes of East Java on Facebook and from the idea of the “Featured Recipes” page of the Nasi Bakar Creative Album for Dinner Recipe Ideas For Family.

With the advent of the idea of cooking food for the family, it is necessary variation in making delicious cuisine that required an Easy Dinner Recipe Ideas For Family. Well this is the steps in preparing the daily recipes dishes typical of East Java is the idea of “Nasi Bakar Merah or Red Grilled Flavor Rice” this:

Dinner Recipe Ideas For Family
Dinner Recipe Ideas For Family


Prepare 1 tablespoon of cooking oil

Prepare banana leaves to wrap

Prepare 100 grams of basil leaves

Prepare 3 stalks of lemon grass white and pounded thin

Prepare 1 ½ teaspoons of salt

Prepare 3 bay leaves

Prepare 750 ml of coconut milk from 1 ½ grated coconut

Prepare a curly red chili 9 pieces smoothed

Prepare 450 grams of clean washed rice

Prepare 3 grains of cloves


Areh Crepe Material:

Prepare 1/4 teaspoon salt

Prepare 300 ml of coconut milk from 1 coconut


Spout Material:

Provide 100 ml of coconut milk from 1/4 coconut

Provide 2 tablespoons of cooking oil

Provide 3/4 teaspoons of sugar

Provide 1 teaspoon salt

Provide 10 pieces of long-sliced petai and fried

Provide 100 grams of anchovy washed and sliced fried

Provide 2 cm thin pungent galvanized.

Provide 150 grams of tempe mashed

Provide 1 bay leaf

Provide 6 pieces of red chili sliced

Provide 2 large pieces of green chili seeded and sliced

Provide 2 large red peppers removed and sliced

Provide 5 grains of sliced onion

Provide 3 cloves of sliced garlic


How to Make Red Grilled Flavor Delicious:

First, you simply heat the oil Then stir-fry red chili until fragrant.

Then boil the red chili, coconut milk, lemongrass, bay leaf, salt and cloves and stir until boiled then added rice and stirred again.

Cooking stir-fry: preheat oil and pan-fried also garlic, large red pepper, red onion, red pepper, bay leaf, large green chilies and sweet to sweet odor.

The next step is to add tempe and then poured coconut milk and cooked until absorbed, then enter the rice, salt, petai, sugar and anchovy and then cooked.


Areh Sauce: ingredients areh soup to be boiled and stirred with low heat until the water thickens.

Lastly, take the rice then give the soup and basil leaves. Furthermore, poured stir-fry and wrapped and then locked with a stick and burned until cooked.

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