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See you again still with tasty dishes recipe notes for dinner recipe ideas for family, this time a recipe will be saved is still a collection of cooking recipes East Java everyday, and deliberately kept by the authors in a personal blog to get started in want to cook at home, chosen this time is a recipe of spicy Devil Claws.

Now he steps in preparing the Recipe Ideas For A Family Dinner typical daily Jawa Timur “Ceker Spicy“:

Recipe Ideas For A Family Dinner
Recipe Ideas For A Family Dinner

Claw spicy ingredients:

½ pounds chicken claws, clear
1 stalk green onion, cut small
Bay leaves 2 sheets, select a bit old
Lime leaves 2 sheets, cut into 2 parts
1 stalk Lemongrass, beaten flat
2 cm galangal, beaten flat
2 cm ginger, beaten flat
White granulated sugar 1 tbsp
Flavoring 1 tablespoon
Salt to taste
4 tablespoons oil, for sauteing
2 glasses of water are

Spice spicy mashed to claw

5 cloves garlic
5 round onion
Big red chilies 5 pieces
Spicy cayenne pepper 25 fruit
3 grains candlenut
½ TSP pepper powder

Dinner Recipe For Large Family
Dinner Recipe For Large Family

How To Make A Delicious Spicy Claws

The first stage, please you saute the marinade first mashed up slightly fragrant.
Then added spices also stir-fry the ginger, lime leaves, stalk Lemongrass, galangal, stirring until blended.
Recently added white water in aromas and ingredients are already sauteed began to wither, and wait until the water boils.
The next step, then put the chicken claw is stirred until the claws to the submerged tender and cooked.
When the gravy in the claws starts shrinking, soon sprinkled with chives then stirred again. And the last, serve the chicken claw on a platter for serving.

Well, that’s her Easy Dinner Recipe Ideas For the Family that can be practiced in everyday dishes.

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