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Friends, coffee is a drink that it’s common for our consumption and we enjoy every day. Even the presence of loyal friends coffee every morning, loyal friend of the break of the meeting or meetings, an even loyal friend when hanging out. For coffee lovers, could even be called a coffee addict, they could distinguish where the Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee, where even the most extreme, these coffee connoisseurs can tell which coffee and where the usual blend of coffee for sale and are sold in stalls common.

This time I will discuss the development of coffee drinks, in Jogjakarta called “Drink Coffee with Charcoal or Coffee Joss“, or also called coffee with charcoal, and collectively, the Charcoal Coffee.

Drink Coffee All Day
Drink Coffee All Day

At first “kopi joss” is derived from the place which is the place to hang out, a place to Drink Coffee At Night for all circles in Yogyakarta. In Yogyakarta itself is very much a seller “coffee Joss” being scattered in almost all of the city.


The Making Of “Kopi Joss”

Although we usually just simply enjoy “kopi joss”, but there is no harm if knowing how to manufacture “coffee joss”. How to make “kopi joss” is very easy, but most importantly here is choose the best coffee and a nice charcoal coffee as an ingredient.

At the time of this writing is structured, we are not in a State of hanging out in the city of Yogyakarta, but we enjoyed the “Kopi Joss” was subjected to a place that is in the town of Probolinggo.

Coffee used as material “Kopi Joss” is made of Robusta coffee which is in the oven so that it will cause the scent of coffee which is different from other coffee.

Make “kopi joss” it was very easy, after the coffee powder mixed with a little sugar, freshly poured hot water already boiling into a glass or Cup of coffee. Then mixed with charcoal burning already cleared from the former charcoal dust. The charcoal is then dipped into a glass or Cup of coffee, then stirred again. Do not worry about this fella, charcoal because the charcoal that is used is used only once in its use.


Charcoal Coffee Benefits

As well as in coffee, coffee maker charcoal is very delicious when enjoyed in the State of heat and added the charcoal still burning in the State with temperatures above 2500 degrees Celsius or Drink Coffee Every day, which can change into charcoal activated carbon very useful to bind pollutants and toxins in the body.

Drink Coffee Shop
Drink Coffee Shop

The question … is still a worry for drinking coffee “joss”, or still consider the merits “kopi joss” just a myth? Taukah comrade, the presence of charcoal or coffee “kopi joss” is actually found by Gajah Mada University students who often hang out or hang out at a place or places get some coffee in Jogjakarta.

Based on the writings of Dede Ariyanto in Kompassiana which is also about “Kopi Joss”, submitted that “If the coffee maker charcoal can be dangerous after consuming due to coffee which dipped charcoal, then since the first health service in Jogjakarta would already prohibit “Kopi Joss” was sold. But in fact, since early 1970 sold in the 80s up until now, “kopi joss” remains the preferred foods lovers “kopi joss”.


Enjoy A Dram “Kopi Joss”

Maybe for some people, enjoy your coffee tastes. But for lovers of coffee or coffee lover, coffee is not only drinking coffee but has its own sensation that can only be felt coffee lovers.

In general, enjoy a “coffee joss” is usually performed in place or coffee shop concept. Enjoy the most delicious coffee is done with hangout friends chatting and accompanied by a menu of dishes that are in place.

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