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Enjoying culinary has become a part of doing a culinary tour. Likewise with me, while traveling in a city in the west of the city of Surabaya, an educational city to learn about Islam, the city of Jombang, East Java, Indonesia. We arrived in the city of Jombang at around 10:00 pm, the condition of the city rather quiet, but the journey is fun and the absence of traffic jams, causing the body condition is still quite fresh, but the eyes need a refreshing beverage refresh not to drowsy. Finally, we decided to look for hot coffee to keep sleepy so we could continue our journey.

Our first culinary visit was a coffee places near me now and a place to enjoy a simple night in the heart of Jombang, located on Jl. KH. Ahmad Dahlan, close to the Town Square of Jombang, this place is “Angkringan Regina“, its owner named Cak Pri.

Find Coffee Around Me
Find Coffee Around Me

Based on the story of the owner, Angkringan Regina has been there since two years ago, and when viewed from the model, really reflects the real Jogja angkringan. With a wheelbarrow that sells a variety of foods and drinks located on the edge of KH. Ahmad Dahlan road. This Angkringan began to operate from the afternoon, by relying on electric lights, this lamp seems to come from the battery.

By the time we arrived, there were many young people who had gathered and enjoyed the night in this angkringan, they sat relaxed along KH. Ahmad Dahlan road, mats to enjoy food drinks in this angkringan.

Good Coffee Around Me
Good Coffee Around Me

If you see the number of baskets of food available, the stock of food provided quite a lot, because we came somewhat late, naturally if the remaining live some food. Foods sold include rice wrap, various satay (ranging from satay quail eggs, chicken intestine satay, cowhide satay, chicken liver satay, and various another satay), and others.
Because the food is already running out we just order drinks for friends chatting and sitting relaxed, our choice is “Coffee Joss” or also called charcoal coffee, the coffee I ordered made with a state where coffee is always too hot. For this charcoal coffee is black coffee plus charcoal burning, viewed from the smell of coffee smell really delicious. With only spend money of Rp. 3,000, – you can enjoy a cup of delicious charcoal coffee. Overall, for the price of food and beverage in this regina angkringan really very affordable because it is very cheap.

So for friends who miss the atmosphere of Jogja and miss the coffee joss, do not hesitate to stop at this Angkringan Regina.

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