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Talk about culinary tastes never end, let alone about the culinary development in the city of Probolinggo. Currently culinary in the city of Probolinggo growing quite rapidly this is marked by the number of local fast food places, among other cafes, restaurants, food stalls and new restaurants in this city.

Of the culinary places, one of them is a place to eat and enjoy hot coffee with the concept of a blend between Jogjakarta and East Java. Fast Food Places Around Me is located in the middle of the city and this place seemed to give the color of culinary in the city of Probolinggo.

Yes, surely culinary lovers will guess it “Angkringan Cak Kasan“, this angkringan is located on Jl. A. Yani No. 2 Ruko A. Yani, in North RSUD Dr. Moch. Saleh Probolinggo, East Java and become Trend Of Local Food.

Fast Food Places Around Me
Fast Food Places Around Me

By taking the concept of a blend of Jogjakarta and East Java, it seems this angkringan can add culinary options in Probolinggo, located in the middle of town and town square Probolinggo, then this angkringan suitable also used as a gathering place with friends in addition to eating local food trend.

This Angkringan provides comfort for coffee and dining with relaxing sitting facilities with a pedestal and seating inside. To drink coffee culinary lovers can sit back and locate in front of the shop.

For food and beverage menu, no need to worry because of very much choice. Based on the information from the manager there is a difference for the morning and evening food menu, and for the evening menu is a combination of Jogja and East Java food menus. Menu angkringan include various kinds of satay menu and rice wrap.

Fast Food Places By Me
Fast Food Places By Me

For the menu angkringan, currently, has a variety of menu items for side dishes and rice. For rice menu wrap (old menu) is rice wrapper side dish and rice wrapped side dish of tempe with paper wrap.

And there is an  additional new menu with banana leaf wrappers that may be able to make all visitors spend time in this angkringan, rice wrapped side dish using mushroom, rice wrap side dish of tuna and rice side dish of meat. In addition, there is a savory rice grilled chicken that will make the culinary lovers miss back to Angkringan Cak Kasan.

Fast Food Near Me Healthy
Fast Food Near Me Healthy

There are some menus that are favorites for either food or drink:

Meat Rice
For this meat consists of beef, bean vegetables, small sliced tempeh dish that has been seasoned, serundeng and not forget the spicy red chilli. With a price of only Rp. 14.000 per portion tastes cheap enough for this scrumptious meal.

Nasi Buk
For rice this book is more inclined to rice from Malang or better known as Nasi Buk Malangan. For the contents of rice in this angkringan rice consists of white rice, serundeng, sambal, mendol tempeh, and not forget the side dishes. For the side dishes, can choose livestock or beef cattle livestock fried cow. With a price of only Rp. 12.000, – is a generous portion and is an interesting meal, and can be a choice of lunch, or dinner.

Fast Food Places Low Calories
Fast Food Places Low Calories

Rice With Fried Chicken
In addition to providing some Jogja angkringan food, this angkringan also provides another alternative food that is “chicken rice fried chicken”. Guaranteed when eating this food will not regret a friend. The price of one portion is very affordable only sebeesar Rp. 16.000, -.

Tiger Rice
Angkringan Cak Kasan also provides another culinary alternative that is the menu “Nasi Macan”. Tiger rice is like mixed rice, but in angkringan this tiger rice consists of white rice, bean vegetables, serundeng, tempe slices, cucumber slices, chili sauce and not forgotten chicken side. The price of chicken leaf rice side of suwir is only Rp. 10.000, -. In addition to chicken tiger rice, Angkringan Cak Kasan also provides an alternative choice for tiger rice with beef side dish, the price of rice this beef tiger for Rp. 14,000 per serving. Reasonably priced too.

Fast Food Places Open Near Me
Fast Food Places Open Near Me

Savory rice
One more choice menu from Angkringan Cak Kasan is Sedap Rice. This delicious rice contains rice that tastes delicious and inside there are already chickens that have been sliced into small pieces. Nas is there are two variants that are spicy and not spicy. With the price of Rp. 6.000 course, culinary lovers can already enjoy 1 portion of grilled rice menu and free spicy sambal.

Chicken Spicy Legs
In addition to the heavy food menu above, there is also a light menu, and can be used for friends to sit back or have a side dish while eating. This menu is “Spicy Chicken Legs”. The price of chicken feet is very cheap with the price of Rp. 6.000, – course we have got the contents of 1 portion consisting of 4 checkers or can be mixed with a chicken head.


For drinks there are several that can be an option:

Black coffee
Speaking of coffee, it might just be normal for this coffee drink. But the unusual is a delicious taste of coffee, will make culinary lovers all addicted to coming again. The price of coffee is very populist with five-star flavor is only Rp. 3,000 per cup of coffee.

Wedang Uwuh
There is another special drink that can be obtained in this angkringan. Drink from Jogja this became an idol in this angkringan and healer of the taste of the drink Jogja.  The aroma of this refreshing drink with the taste of unique and delicious herbal spices and rich in health benefits. This herb is believed to maintain health, freshness, fitness, vitality and warm the body. The price of wedang uwuh per glass of Rp. 6,000, -.

It’s quite a culinary trip this time, to get information about Angkringan Cak Kasan.

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