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What’s in our minds with the title above, of course about good food in East Java, Indonesia, local food finder, exploration of good food from East Java will begin. Culinary Indonesia is very remarkable, with a strong sense and delicious, making us especially I have not been able to switch to the menu of cuisine from other countries, the key to Indonesian cuisine is on the power of spices that became the root of Indonesian cuisine.
Culinary Indonesia is different from the western cuisine, the fundamental difference lies in the cooking process is rather long and the spice used is different than the western cuisine. But the number of spices that are used this cause the cuisine from Indonesia to be more delicious and delicious.
This time I will share information about three good foods that are currently my favorite. The first is to know the typical mix Lamongan, then meatballs kikil, and the last is the acculturation cuisine that is Capcay vegetable.

Tahu Kikil or Kikil Tofu
This cuisine is the typical cuisine of East Java, know this pebble in my opinion at first is know mixed with modified add kikil and ribs. However, what exactly and how the beginning so that created this mix? According to a long-circulated story, at first, know this mixture was created by a soto merchant, who then tried a new menu from the remaining ingredients of soto, such as sprouts, tofu, cabbage and soup soto, added with petis (blackish brown seasoning Usually made of shrimp). Which is added to the soup sauce and cause a good taste. To add a good taste added vegetables such as lettuce. Finally, the food is no longer called soto, but is called “tofu mixed”.
Know gravel as a local food pantry finder, the presentation is very easy, the first thing to do is to mix the petis plus sauce tofu mixed on the plate, just a little, not too much. Then we add the slices of tofu that has been fried, as well as the lentho that is cassava-shaped food, yellow noodles, long boiled sprouts, critically cut lettuce, then pieces of beef, then added with beef ribs and cuts of meat from cow legs. Newly doused with gravy.
A pleasure to know gravel or tofu mixed into teas delicious because there is a secret in preparation in spices in this food, namely ginger, laos, coriander, pepper, garlic, salt, onion, and turmeric.

Local Food Bank Finder
Local Food Bank Finder

Bakso Tahu Kikil (Kikil Tofu with Meat Ball)
When viewed from the spice and presentation is Tahu Kikil is almost the same as tofu mix lamongan using kikil, petis and vegetables as the main ingredients. If you know mixed lamongan, consisting of kikil, fried tofu, watercress, cassava cake, noodles, sprouts and not forgetting shrimp crackers. Only then added a delicious petis and sprinkled with fried onions and chili sauce. The existence of the meatballs tofu kikil is quite unique, as local fast food places near me, the number of places that provide the most only one to two places, and this is a uniqueness in enjoying this food.
But to Kikil Tofu is only using gravel, fried tofu, vegetables and petis do not use singKong or lentho cakes, then added with a meatball beef is really tasty.

Ethical Eats Local Food Finder
Ethical Eats Local Food Finder

Capcay From Vegetable
Capcay is one of the cuisine menus that comes from Chinese society culture. Capcay means ten vegetables, but that does not mean we have to use ten kinds of vegetables to make capcay. More precisely, capcay may be interpreted as a dish that uses many vegetables as its main ingredient.
Actually, a simple fried capcay recipe is not much different from other types of capcay because it uses many different vegetables, and the difference is the way of making. As the name implies, how to make a simply fried capcay is to cook vegetables with a minimal sauce or roughly sauteed without using a lot of water.

Local Food Pantry Finder
Local Food Pantry Finder

In making capcay, again there is no recipe that is certain and should not use ten kinds of vegetables. As usual, fried capcay ingredients such as beans, cauliflower, mustard, cai sim, capri, mushroom, corn, and so forth. Simple fried capcay recipes or capcay soup does not fix the amount or type of vegetables, all depending on taste and availability of ingredients. In making fried capcay, we need to note is the texture of vegetables to not too wilted. If too wilted, the nutritional value contained therein will be reduced and the appearance of capcay also become less beautiful. Saute for a while but do not get too long and too ripe. And before cooking, make sure the vegetables have been washed clean to keep clean

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