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Probolinggo, a city on the north coast of East Java Province, a city with a wide variety of inhabitants, mostly inhabited by Javanese and Madurese. With a mix of various ethnic groups and ethnic make the tourist treasures in the city of Probolinggo become diverse, especially culinary in the city of Probolinggo more varied. In this edition I want various culinary experiences of local food trend about good food in Probolinggo City, I call it “Gado-gado, because of the many vegetables in this food, usually also called Indonesian traditional salad.

Eating Local Food Trend
Eating Local Food Trend

Located at Jalan KH. Hasan Genggong or Randu Pangger water tower to the south about 150 meters in Probolinggo Town, “Gado-gado Rock & Roll”, became my choice and family to enjoy menu for local foods ¬†and delicious Indonesian food menu.

Actually there may be a question in our mind, why use the name of rock & roll? Although only the name of the food, why use music as the name of the place to eat? According to the owner of this eating place, the reason for doing business in the business and running this dining place has a soul like in rock and roll music, and also to always be passionate in life. Yes the name problem, it is the owner’s right to eat this place to choose the trademark name.

This local fast food places near me, and is in the eastern city of Probolinggo, the location is very easy to reach, but for culinary lovers in Probolinggo City are lazy and reluctant to leave the house, the owner of Gado-gado also provides inter services that can be reached at Mobile Phone Number 085257172224. So the culinary lovers just sit and wait for the order so do not need to tired to get out of the house.

Speaking of gado-gado, gado-gado is the mainstay menu sold here, but it is from the original establishment of this place to eat, the first menu was a gado-gado. Gado-gado rock & roll does offer different pleasures than other gado-gado, pegged at a price of Rp. 9,000 per serving, these gado-gado served with special seasoning typical of Malang.
Similarly, the presentation of gado-gado, the presentation is different than other gado-gado, a portion of gado-gado consists of lontong, tofu, tempeh, potatoes, eggs, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, carrots and long beans, sliced into small pieces , Then sprinkled with special spices delicious “Gado-gado Rock & Roll”.

Buying Local Food Trend
Buying Local Food Trend

Gado-gado, I call it salad Indonesia, because this gado-gado can be enjoyed without using lontong, so it is like a salad that is eaten with mayonais splashed over vegetables and fruit. From some sources, this gado-gado is one of the foods derived from Java (Jakarta and West Java) in the form of vegetables boiled and mixed into one, which is smothered in a sauce from peanuts that have been mashed or can also be called “peanut spice”, which Also given egg slices.
So, enjoying a holiday with a delicious meal can provide its own sensation especially with the Indonesian dish of interesting special.

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