Enjoying a coffee dish is a fun thing, especially enjoying it when you're relaxed while doing your favorite hobbies. But when the atmosphere was sweltering, enjoying hot coffee was not right, it needed a cold drink that was able to cool it down, even though it was a coffee drink. So, a glass of iced sweet coffee with a touch of bitter taste can be a perfect friend when it's hot.

To get it, now you can make your own delicious coffee ice, without buying it to a cafe or coffee shop outlet for your subscription. In fact, you can make a cold brew coffee, which is a coffee drink with a cold sensation that has been brewed overnight with cold water.

Fastest Way To Make Iced Coffee
Coffee drinks are increasingly diverse, making a coffee shop diversify products that are different from the destination, so that coffee lovers can enjoy the coffee they sell, in addition to hot coffee. Lots of processed ice coffees offered, coffee ice made and presented with attractive colors and different shapes, will invite the taste of coffee lovers. Ice coffee drinks, which are the development and diversification of coffee, can now be found in coffee shops in cities that sell coffee with their respective advantages.

How to make iced coffee fast (Picture Source: enjoyjava)
Sometimes, because you are lazy to go out, or want to enjoy making your own coffee, new ideas or the desire to make ice coffee yourself will appear. So the fastest way to enjoy iced coffee, such as iced coffee sold at a coffee shop, is to make the coffee you want yourself. The material needed to make ice coffee is actually very simple, it only requires coffee powder (which will be added according to taste), ice cubes, milk, sugar and glass to serve coffee. But if you want to make an iced frappe, there are additional tools used, namely blend tools, and some flavor ingredients, such as caramel or vanilla.

There is even the fastest way so that you can enjoy ice coffee, which is using instant coffee, with a note, the instant coffee powder has been liquefied evenly. Indeed, to get the perfect results and to get iced coffee it is best to use ground coffee, but if you want a cold drink that can immediately be enjoyed and can be processed practically, then instant coffee can be used quickly.

How To Make Homemade Iced Coffee Fast
Making ice coffee quickly at home is the right solution if you are lazy to go out to enjoy coffee at a cafe or coffee shop for your subscription. Many ways that you can use to make iced coffee are delicious, adding ice cubes in the coffee can cause the coffee you want to have a tasteless and less delicious taste. Then you can replicate the steps taken by the coffee shop, which usually uses the cold brew technique because this technique can maintain the taste and aroma of the coffee, and keep the iced coffee cool without using ice cubes.

The cold brew technique, which is a technique used by coffee outlets, is also the best technique for maintaining the aroma and taste of ice coffee. With this technique, making ice coffee is not necessary to add ice cubes or cool ice coffee in the refrigerator, which can damage the taste of the coffee. Using this technique, acid levels are also lower than ordinary coffee, making it suitable for people with stomach acid.

To make ice coffee can be done in an easy and fast way (the traditional way), including the following:
  1. Brew hot coffee then makes a large amount because it will be diluted with ice and milk.
  2. Add a little sugar before the coffee cools down.
  3. Then move the coffee into a container made of glass to cool (about one hour).
  4. The last step, serve with a tall glass, add ice cubes and milk or if you add cream, then mix well. Be the delicious coffee you want.

  • If you want to enjoy ice coffee immediately, don't use the cold brew technique.
  • Long immersion process, will make caffeine levels in cold brew higher than ordinary coffee.

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