Coffee is still a favorite drink today. There are many types of coffee, with different names, depending on the origin of the name of the area where the coffee is planted. At first coffee drink is a drink derived from brewed coffee beans that have been done a roasting process, then smoothed and become a coffee powder. If usually coffee is enjoyed in the still-hot state, currently started and many developed coffee drinks in the cold, either in the form of ice coffee or in the form of cold brew. It takes the best coffee beans for cold brew, to get a sensation of enjoyment.

Judging from the type of coffee actually consists of only two varieties circulating the market, namely Arabica coffee and robust coffee. Both types have different flavors with different uniqueness, but the price of coffee is also different from one coffee with another coffee.

Coffee is commonly enjoyed in hot, or commonly called Hot coffee, but in hot weather conditions, enjoying a coffee drink in cold conditions may be more reasonable. The shaded is a coffee iced drink. With the growing ice coffee drinks, nowadays also began to appear drinks that also come from coffee called cold brew. This drink is equally fresh, but what is the difference between these two types of beverages?.

Iced Coffee is a drink of coffee that is done brewing in regular use of hot water. It was then allowed to cool, and given ice cubes, the drinks were served in cold conditions. Different from a cold brew. Cold Brew is the iced coffee obtained from the fermentation process. To get this delicious drink derived from the process of coffee beans are pounded with coarse, then brewed, which distinguishes is the drink is not brewed with hot water, but brewed with water with room temperature, only then allowed in the bottle Glass. After the fermentation process, the filtering process is done to separate the coffee from the pulp. Freshly served according to taste, can be mixed with water or given ice cubes.

Best Coffee Beans For Cold Brew Coffee

To get the best cold brew, with the best flavor, should be done grinding coffee beans with the right size between the coffee beans with the required water ratio. To get the best coffee beans, it depends on your taste, because the selection of flavors is subjective, and everyone has different tastes.

Cold Brew Coffee (Picture Source: thebalibible)
To get a delicious cold brew coffee, you can use coffee beans from Java or commonly refer to as coffee Java Arabica. Coffee beans of this type produce a delicious flavor with low acid, with a taste of fine coffee drinks.

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Best Type Of Coffee Beans For Cold Brew

To get a cold brew with a delicious flavor, one of the types of materials that you can use is coffee beans from Indonesia, the Arabica coffee Bali Kintamani. Bali Kintamani Coffee beans are the right ingredients to get this cold brew beverage dish.

Bootstrap's cold brew (Picture Source: bootstrapbeverages)
One of the makers of Cold brew, Bootstrap, is deliberately making a cold brew to attract the interest of coffee lovers. As a coffee served in cold condition, to get it must be through the cold drip process for 18 hours, including the screening process to be done. Cold Brew with Arabica Bali coffee beans Kintamani has a smooth flavor, with a low acid content, sweet and very refreshing.

The advantages of Bootstrap's cold brew is not to use preservatives, and only use a mixture of coffee and water, and that is sure to make this drink fresher, let alone packaged in a bottle so that it is easy to carry anywhere.

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