Culinary, this word is still a promising business, both in the field of food and beverages. One of the culinary that until now is still a mainstay for culinary businessmen is coffee. Even with the development of coffee patterns, make coffee has a variety of equipment ranging from coffee equipment to the tools to make coffee, both manual and automatic. One of the equipment in the house that cannot be left is a coffee table. The coffee table has many different designs and types, one of the coffee table that is currently a coffee lover idol is a type of blue-stone coffee table.

Coffee table with various shapes, materials or size can indeed be the point of attention, especially by placing it in the living room in front of the sofa chair. With its role that can not be underestimated, compared to other furniture, the coffee table becomes home furniture that can be a favorite table for coffee lovers, because it is very important to put important objects, especially when enjoying coffee. In addition, the coffee table also has the function to divide the area in the living room, so it appears symmetrical, with the existence of a coffee table in the middle of the living room as a central point.

Coffee Table With Blue-stone Top

Choosing a coffee table with a unique design becomes an interesting thing. One of the designs of a coffee table that could be the choice is the coffee table with blue-stone as a table surface. But do you know, what exactly is blue-stone?. Blue-stone is actually a rock that is a type of gravestone.

Coffee Table With Blue-stone Top
Coffee Table With Blue-stone Top (Picture Source: lifesharephoto)
Blue-stone is a type of rock located in the United States, this type of stone has a texture and composition resembling a stone that is shaped thin plates but has a different color. This blue-stone-type stone has a darker blue color and is shinier when compared with the thin slab of stone.

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In its use, blue-stone is often used as a house building and is also used as valuable jewelry by first carving the blue-stone. However, this blue-stone is also suitable for use as a top surface on the coffee table, with the blue color being the focal point of the living room.

Blue-stone Metal Coffee Table

A coffee table is still one alternative to fill the room, so the room filled with the coffee table becomes more attractive. The presence of a coffee table in the middle of the living room will add to the appeal of the coffee table, so it can be the center of attention. A lot of coffee table design can be worn in the living room. Coffee table selection should suit your condition, in the sense of having to adjust to the condition of the room, interior design and the main, is your budget to buy the coffee table.

Blue-stone Metal Coffee Table (Picture Source: knittystash)
Among the references about choosing a coffee table in addition to wood, there is a material that is very rare to convey, IE. a coffee table with a model blue-stone table tops with table legs derived from metal. Blue-stone, perhaps you rarely hear a coffee table coming from a type of blue-stone material. Blue-stone or can be referred to as calcite or calcium carbonate is a type of rock that contains single-calcite minerals, with a content of 95% of calcite, and also contains some other minerals, among them dolomite, quartz, side-rite, mica, feldspar And the clay minerals that can show this type of blue-stone color.

Looking at the structure of this stone in the form of plates, Blue-stone became a source of new minerals developed for the construction industry and also used for home decoration. The use that can be seen is, used blue-stone for an attractive coffee table.

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