As a tool that helps in the process of the creation of a good drink, then a coffee machine becomes a necessity to be in a coffee shop. There are a lot of coffee machines available that can be found in the coffee shop. They are offered with different types and models depending on your type, needs, and tastes. One of the coffee machine, which can still be selected among various coffee machines is Bunn home, coffee maker.

Bunn coffee maker or commonly called Bunn-O-Matic is a coffee machine that began to emerge around the year 1957, founded by George Bunn, initially, George only introduced a coffee filter paper, but with the development of time, Bunn also Create a coffee maker product that is also liked by coffee lovers. In the development Bunn also innovates by making a coffee machine product, in terms of a new way of regulating heat temperature, coffee brewed machine with the stainless steel tank, and also a tank equipped with a ceramic-coated plate.

Best Bunn Home Coffee Maker

The existence of a coffee machine nowadays, become one of the tools needed, especially at home, office, especially in a coffee shop. There are many types of coffee machines to choose from, especially for the needs of coffee making at home.

One of the Bunn coffee machines that you can choose is "Bunn BXB Velocity Brew Coffee Maker". This coffee machine is a very famous coffee machine, which you can bring back home. This coffee machine is able to brew coffee with the amount of four to ten cups of coffee with less than 3 minutes.

Bunn BXB Velocity Brew Coffee Maker (Picture Source: bestbunncoffeemakers)
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It is interesting to know the type of BXB Velocity Bunn coffee machine when you buy the coffee maker, you can get additional prizes in the form of heating plates with porcelain coating and glass bottles. The accessory will help in the operation of coffee makers, especially with Sprayhead technology that will provide a complete coffee flavor extraction.

Best Bunn Coffee Maker For Home Reviews

The Bunn coffee machine is currently a trusted coffee machine. Like a coffee machine made by Bunn-O-Matic Corporation, the company has proven the brand of coffee machines produced is the best product that can be owned in the home.

There are several coffee machines from Bunn that you can choose to use at home and in the office, among others:
  1. Bunn VLPF Professional Automatic Coffee Brewer with 2 Warmers.
  2. Bunn DV APS Axiom Dual Voltage Airpot Coffee Brewer with LCD.
  3. Bunn 13300.0013 VP17-3BLK3L Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer with Three Lower Warmers.
  4. Bunn BXB Velocity Brew Coffee Maker.

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