Are you a fan of coffee?. As a coffee fan, certainly not familiar with terms related to coffee, including coffee equipment and various ways related to the processing of coffee. It is undeniable that coffee has become a well-liked beverage around the world, and even many business opportunities arise with the growth of the coffee business today. Various types of coffee have also begun to be produced as a way to develop coffee drinks. One of the products that are currently being developed is the Coffee pod. A coffee pod is actually a product that serves to reduce the time to brew coffee so that it can keep the freshness of coffee, so as not to be exposed to air and light. This product started much sought after by coffee connoisseurs. And where can I find cheap coffee pods?. Of course, you can find and buy it in a coffee booth that sells various types of coffee.

As a diversified product of coffee beans and coffee powder, the coffee pod gives the sensation of enjoying a different coffee. In addition to the bag-shaped usually made of paper, the coffee pod also has a form of plastic or metal material. The Coffee pod is usually used for making espresso, which was first created by Francesco Illy around 1934. The unique way it does is by inserting nitrogen into the coffee pod container so that the coffee has a longer fresh flavor.

Coffee Pods Best Price

With the development of time, coffee pods are no longer made of paper. And in the UK also began to be popular with the coffee pod machine, but had to use a coffee pod made of plastic or aluminum material.

Coffee Pods Best Price
Coffee Pods Best Price (Picture Source: coffee corner)
Here are a few popular coffee pod comparison options that can be seen, base on "Product No Price Per Pod ($) Description" :
  1. Starbucks 0.47 Keurig Caffeinated
  2. Gevalia 0.41 Keurig Caffeinated
  3. Community Coffee 0.46 Keurig Caffeinated
  4. Green Mountain 0.48-Caffeinated Keurig
  5. Nespresso Original Line 0.70 Nespresso Caffeinated
  6. Peet's 0.47 Keurig Caffeinated
  7. Victor Allen's Coffee 0.22 Keurig Caffeinated
  8. The Original Donut Shop 0.48 Keurig Caffeinated
  9. Maxwell House 0.40 Keurig Caffeinated
  10. McCafe 0.38 Keurig Caffeinated
  11. Crazy Cups 0.52 Keurig Caffeinated
  12. Caza Trail 0.35 Keurig Caffeinated
  13. Smart Sips Coffee 0.49 Keurig Caffeinated
  14. Entenmann's 0.49 Keurig Caffeinated
  15. Great Value 0.26 Keurig Caffeinated
  16. Java Factory 0.39 Keurig Caffeinated
  17. Cameron's Coffee 0.50 Keurig Caffeinated
  18. Lavazza 0.53 Keurig Caffeinated
  19. Starbucks 19 0.86 Verismo Caffeinated
  20. Cafe Escapes 0.54 Keurig Caffeinated
  21. Vitacup 0.89 Keurig Caffeinated
  22. Caribou Coffee 0.41 Keurig Caffeinated
  23. Dolce Gusto 0.56 Keurig Caffeinated
  24. Laughing Man 0.56 Keurig Caffeinated
  25. Martinson Coffee 0.50 Keurig Caffeinated
  26. Starbucks Plus 0.62 Keurig Caffeinated
  27. Cake Boss, 0.48
  28. Gloria Jean's 0.48 Keurig Caffeinated
  29. Tully's 0.48 Keurig Caffeinated
  30. Folgers 0.45 Keurig Caffeinated
  31. Wolfgang Puck 0.42 Keurig Caffeinated
  32. Hamilton Mills 0.37 Keurig Caffeinated
  33. Nespresso Vertuo Line 0.85 Keurig Caffeinated
  34. White Coffee 0.62 Keurig Caffeinated
  35. Folgers Gourmet Selections 0.61 a Caffeinated Keurig
  36. Seattle's Best Coffee 0.53 Keurig Caffeinated
  37. Tassimo 0.49 Caffeinated Tassimo
  38. Panera Bread 0.48, Caffeinated Keurig
  39. Starbucks Caffe Latte 1.10 Keurig Caffeinated
  40. Copper Moon 0.36 Keurig Caffeinated
  41. 1850 0.62 Keurig Caffeinated
  42. Lavazza 0.44 Keurig Caffeinated
  43. Illy IperEspresso 0.74 Keurig Caffeinated
  44. Illy 0.71, Caffeinated Keurig
  45. Ekocups 0.54 Keurig Caffeinated
  46. Double Donuts 0.30 Keurig Caffeinated
  47. Marley Coffee 0.50 Keurig Caffeinated
  48. Newman's Own 0.48 Keurig Caffeinated
  49. The Original Donut Shop 0.48 Keurig DECAF
  50. Crazy Cups 0.58 Keurig DECAF
  51. Assorted Brands 0.64 Keurig Caffeinated
  52. Cafe Bustelo 0.50 Keurig Caffeinated
  53. Friendly's 0.49 Keurig Caffeinated
  54. Death Wish Coffee 1.20 Keurig Caffeinated
  55. Hills Bros. 0.62 Keurig Caffeinated
  56. Dunkin' Donuts 0.60 Keurig Caffeinated
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Cheap Coffee Pods For Keurig

Keurig is a big producer of worldwide coffee products, one of the known products of Keurig is K-Cup which is a trademark of Keurig Green Mountain. The K-Cup is the shape of a ring with foil coating with plastic cups. Currently, K-Cup products from Keurig, in addition to being used for a coffee machine from Keurig, can also be used with coffee machines products from other factories.

Cheap Coffee Pods For Keurig
Cheap Coffee Pods For Keurig (Picture Source:
There are several advantages to using K-Cups, namely, there is a choice of variants of coffee, and can be used for various types of coffee machines other brands besides Keurig. In addition to the advantages, there are also disadvantages using the K-Cup from Keurig, which is more expensive than other brands, plastic for the container produces plastic waste.

Cheap Coffee Pods For Nespresso

Nespresso, is an environmentally friendly coffee technology, a coffee machine that produces espresso using an optimal amount of coffee powder and a little use of water and electricity. As a Nescafe-made product, Nespresso began appearing in 1986 from the concept of Luiggi Bezzera which appeared first in Switzerland.

Cheap Coffee Pods For Nespresso
Cheap Coffee Pods For Nespresso (Picture Source: top-coffee-machines)
In subsequent experiments, the capsules used were not derived from the Nespresso product, but the homemade Cafissimo brand of Tchibo. This capsule made of Tschibo can be used for other plant-made espresso machines. The coffee powder is in a small capsule, which will be inserted into the coffee machine, the leverage inside the machine will press the capsule and become perforated. By pressing the Start button, the resulting espresso will flow directly into the cup. The result is a crema with a near-quality espresso made with traditional techniques.

Here are 5 cheap Nespresso pod products (based on, among others:
  1. 100 Pack Perfetto Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods (Roma) at a price of $23.
  2. 100 Pack Perfetto Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods (Italiano) for $23.
  3. 100 Pack Perfetto Nespresso Compatible Chot Chocolate Pods (Roma) for $23.
  4. 100 Pack Perfetto Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods (Milano) for $23.
  5. 100 Pack Perfetto Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods (Mixed Pack) for $23.

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