Coffee is a drink that is a favorite nowadays, even since the long-time this drink becomes a compliment in the activity, although it was the type of coffee that existed not as much now, known only a black coffee. With the growth of the coffee business, making this drink has a very extraordinary development, not only in one type of coffee but also in the equipment and accessories that are progressing. A lot of coffee equipment that can be owned by coffee lovers, ranging from simple coffee equipment to modern ones. With the development of the coffee, give the opportunity for the manufacturer to make cool coffee makers are interesting to have.

Various discussions about coffee, also a trigger of the growth of people's curiosity with the world of coffee, not only about the type of coffee that can be enjoyed but also the way and various coffee machines. With the development of information makes the community, especially coffee lovers understand about the coffee machine. This gives the option of having a coffee machine that suits the needs at home, so to enjoy a delicious coffee can be done at home.

Having an attractive modern coffee machine will be more enjoyable for you, besides being able to relax and enjoy the time, you can more explore the coffee machine you have.

Cool Looking Coffee Makers 

Nowadays there are a lot of coffee machine products in the market, to have it you should have careful consideration, and adjust to your needs and budget. As a coffee lover, you would want to have a favorite coffee tool, which you may often see in a coffee place, or you often search for information on the Internet. The coffee machine currently has many types and models, coupled with the innovation done by the coffee machine manufacturer, so that the coffee machine offered becomes more attractive.

Cool Looking Coffee Makers
Staresso Coffee Maker (Picture Source: sublime gadgets)
As a connoisseur and coffee lover, most of you are busy people who don't have a lot of time, and in the end, you will choose simple and hassle-free coffee equipment. To meet the expectations of the lovers of coffee, made a coffee machine and simple, with an attractive look.

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With the more complex needs and high mobility, nowadays began to be made various coffee tools are more simple, the purpose is for you to enjoy coffee is not the hassle in making coffee. One of the coffee makers that you can get with the portable form with the attractive look is Staresso Coffee Maker. This coffee machine is made with a simple concept, lightweight, eco-friendly, portable and easy to use.

Cool Coffee Makers Amazon

Staresso is a coffee machine that has a cool looking design, besides this coffee machine has been awarded at the Red Dot Award Germany and is also the product of the best-selling coffee machine according to the World online store "". As a modern coffee machine, this coffee machine tool is a sophisticated new engine, even capable of reaching pressures of 15 to 20 bars. The considerations that can be seen are:

Staresso Coffee Maker (Picture Source:
  • This coffee machine is very easy to clean, this is because the engine part can be disassembled.
  • There are cups that can be used to enjoy coffee after espresso brewed.
  • The Espresso of this coffee machine is amazing, it is because Staresso has a manual hydraulic pump.
  • Another advantage is that the machine is very lightweight when compared with a coffee machine with the same function, weighing about 465 grams.
In addition to the advantages of having, of course, Staresso has a deficiency that I think only on the caution in use, namely the bottom of the machine and on the upper body that can lose if not careful in using.

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