The coffee table is still one of the favorite furniture for coffee lovers. Lots of different types and models of the coffee table could be the choice of coffee lovers. With so many options, you should be careful in selecting them and also adjust to your needs. Especially must comply with the concept of space and the type of decorations you have done at home. One of the options is often a kind of table of guests to the living room, which has a lower desk height compared to the height of the sofa. In addition, the coffee table is currently the trend is a kind of "lift top coffee tables with storage".

An awful lot the size of a coffee table, with a variety of shapes, styles, and materials to choose from. There is even a form and style coffee table that could be the choice, among other classic models, modern, minimalist, and many more types of other coffee table models. In addition to the model, you can choose the type of coffee tables based on raw material, can be made of wood, glass, metal even a combination of these materials.

Coffee Tables With Storage And Lift Top

Coffee has always been an option for anyone who likes this drink, with many choices of coffee that can be enjoyed, it is also in need of a place to put your favorite coffee. With share options, in particular, the coffee table needs a coffee table that can be used for various purposes, it is now an awful lot of coffee table design that also has the function to put drinks, can also save your favorite items while enjoying coffee.

Coffee Tables With Storage And Lift Top (Picture Source: royhomedesign)

A coffee table that has a means of storing places, will help you put the stuff you use while enjoying coffee, such as magazines, books, accessories and a variety of other small items. To maximize the function of coffee tables were added to other means, such as the addition of racks, Cabinet until the drawer desk.

Concept coffee table with lift top is a concept that adds the hinges could lift the upper part of the surface of the table and can also be returned as the form of the original table.

Lift Up Top Coffee Table With Storage

At first, only coffee table designs made with the basic idea of a table of regular Holster with guests, namely minimalist coffee table with extra wooden shelves. The initial concept design coffee table, i.e., the shape of a coffee table with a small shelf with a narrow space, usually just to put a magazine and a newspaper.

Lift Up Top Coffee Table With Storage (Picture Source:

In the process, the coffee table is made with extra wooden shelves with larger sizes, which can hold many items, in addition to its main function to put drinks, especially coffee on the table. But the more the increasing needs and the number of activities undertaken, in particular, the coffee lovers, coffee table developed into the more good with a desk plus Holster, i.e. folding coffee table with lift up. A table with this model has a Holster at the bottom of the table, and when you are going to store or retrieve the item, it should be raised to the top of the table surface. The advantage of using this type of desk is unique in its design, such as the secret of the Holster to store your personal belongings.

For materials, so there is a convincing impression, you can choose from teak wood material, which can be customized with your financial budget. Even for additional design, you can add wheels on that table, so that the coffee table can be moved easily when you need it.

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