Coffee is a drink that is full of sensation and meaning. If used coffee is only served in the form of hot coffee in a small cup, but nowadays there are many variations of coffee, even experiencing the diversification of products into cold coffee drinks. There are many cool coffee products that can be enjoyed, ranging from ice coffee, cold brew, chilled coffee in bottles and many more. The easiest to found is the type of ice coffee that is a coffee drink that is in cold condition or already added ice cubes in it. This iced coffee can be made from ordinary coffee mixed with ice cubes or can also come from espresso. While espresso is a coffee drink obtained from the extraction of coffee beans that have been ground with high pressure. The latest developments in the coffee world are the emergence of Nespresso, which is the latest concept of enjoying coffee. This machine is a machine that can produce espresso with a fast time. For those of you who want it can make Nespresso iced coffee with this machine.

Nespresso is a coffee machine product made by Nescafe. Nespresso is a coffee machine that uses the latest technology, the main concept used is an environmentally friendly concept, by using coffee powder and using the resources and electricity as little as possible, to produce a scrumptious espresso. For the use of the capsule using Tschibo-made Cafissimo, the capsules created by the plant can be used in other company's espresso machines whose coffee machines use capsules.

Nespresso And Iced Coffee

Ice coffee and coffee machine become a matching partner, especially to eliminate thirst in the hot temperature. Nespresso was introduced in 1986, with the concept derived from Luigi Bezzera, and first appeared in Switzerland. As an efficient coffee machine, the coffee used is coffee that is in the capsule in the form of powder. For the crema, The resulting coffee in this machine has a nice shape, with a quality that is almost the same as the espresso made in the traditional way.

Nespresso iced coffee (Picture Source: girlsofto)
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Disadvantages of using a Nespresso machine only aroma, the resulting aroma is slightly reduced, than the usual espresso, because the aroma is in a volatile form so that it is easily evaporated. But for those of you who already love espresso, it really does not matter, because you can still enjoy coffee with a delicious coffee sensation.

Using Nespresso to make ice-cold coffee is indeed very interesting, let alone espresso is the essence of enjoying coffee. The delicious Espresso will produce many kinds of derivative coffee which are widely enjoyed. Enjoy ice coffee with basic ingredients espresso can come from coffee house blend and can also from single-origin coffee, so by using this material, the resulting ice coffee will not taste bitter.

Best Nespresso For Iced Coffee

As a manufacturer under the Nestle group based in Lausanne Switzerland, the manufacturer has 25 variants of original Nespresso coffee with several categories according to taste, country, and level of roasting differences. Nespresso does have a remarkable purpose in the coffee business, which is trying to bring the best quality coffee in all varieties of coffee.

Best Nespresso For Iced Coffee (Picture Source: kitchenmeetsgirl)
Nespresso itself provides coffee machine equipment, ranging from coffee machines to mugs and coffee cups. There are four models of coffee machines offered by Nespresso, such as Essenza, Lattissim, Inissia, and Lattissima Touch.

The espresso machine using the capsule concept is a coffee machine that relies on a practical concept and does not sacrifice the quality of coffee produced.

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