Enjoying coffee is already a part of everyday life, it is less complete, to start the activity without drinking coffee first. There are many types of coffee that can be enjoyed, even a coffee shop, also provide ingredients for coffee, either in the form of powder or in the form of seeds, with the aim that you can enjoy and brew your own coffee at home. With the development of increasingly sophisticated information, and began to improve awareness of health, this leads to many drinkers and coffee lovers ask the coffee shop to provide organic coffee. It is also strengthened by the environmental and health awareness of the earth, which avoids agricultural products and plantations that use chemical materials. It also includes a coffee product in K cups, which encourages the emergence of organic coffee K cups products.

As a person who is aware of health and also loves coffee, consuming organic coffee is an option for coffee lovers who are aware of the importance of health. Organic coffee is a coffee that is grown and manufactured not using chemicals, such as herbicides and artificial fertilizers. Coffee beans can be said organic when 95% of the coffee beans are derived from coffee trees planted with organic circumstances. But in addition to the process of planting that must be organic, coffee can be said organic, if the process after harvesting follows organic standards. In other words, coffee can be said organic, if the coffee in the production process from start to finish does not damage the environment, do not use chemical products, and good for health for workers who make coffee and connoisseurs Coffee.

Keurig K Cups Organic Coffee

As one of the favorite drinks, coffee today not only in the form of powdered coffee, which is directly brewed with hot water but with the development of technology and many sophisticated discoveries, much less is related to the coffee machine. More coffee machines that use capsules. One of the coffee machines that currently become a legend in the world of coffee machines is Keurig. Keurig coffee machine is a single-serve coffee machine that uses K Cups.

Keurig K Cups Organic Coffee
Keurig K Cups Organic Coffee (Picture Source:
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One of the world-famous coffee shop that also sells K Cups is Starbuck, this is due to the coffee business in the form of K Cups, currently growing rapidly in the United States. Several options of organic coffee in K Cups produced by Green Mountain Cofee Roasters Inc., are Breakfast Blend, House Blend, Sumatra, Pike Place Roast and also French Roast, which is sold with packs of 10 seeds, 16 seeds, and 54 seeds.

Organic Coffee Brands K Cups

Returning to the discussion about organic coffee, this type of coffee is indeed a warm discussion, especially with the current trend that prioritizes conditions that are environmentally friendly. Despite being one of the solutions to create environmentally friendly eating and drinking materials, it is still not accepted by society as a whole. This is due to organic coffee the price is still more expensive than non-organic coffee.

Organic Coffee Brands K Cups
Organic Coffee Brands K Cups (Picture Source:
There are several brands of organic coffee in the form of K Cups, which can be your choice to enjoy coffee with your single-serve coffee machine, among others:
  1. San Fransisco Bay Organic Rainforest Blend.
  2. Marley Coffee One Love K-Cups.
  3. Newman's Own Special Blend Organic K-Cup.
  4. Cafe Bustelo Espresso Style K-Cup.
  5. Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth K-Cup.
  6. Real Good Coffee Co. Organic K-Cups.
  7. Oakland Coffee Works Cerro De Oro Organic K-Cup.
  8. Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Organic Sumatran Reserve.
  9. EKOCUPS Organic Dark Roast.
  10. Dark Costa Rica Tarrazu

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