The coffee table looks like still an item of furniture that is still in demand for coffee lovers. Many types of coffee table with various designs, types, and models are growing. To choose influenced coffee table Many factors, can be of taste, the interior design of the room, or from the budget to get the coffee table. If you have an elegant minimalist taste, one of the coffee tables that can be chosen is the Quatrefoil coffee table model. This table has a unique characteristic of the foot of the table that is interconnected with the decoration of interlocking clover leaves so that it forms the foot of the desk.

A coffee table is a furniture that is placed in the living room, with the function to put a coffee mug, a snack or other drinks. With its position in the middle of the living room, the coffee table becomes a focal point of interior design from the living room. By placing the coffee table in the middle of the living room, make the living room look more beautiful and more attractive.

Talking about the Quatrefoil themed coffee table, there are many designs that can be made, among others:
  • Gold Quatrefoil Coffee Table
  • Quatrefoil Round Coffee Table
  • Quatrefoil Coffee Table Silver

Gold Quatrefoil Coffee Table

Coffee table design also develops, especially with a lot of models that can be taken to be used as a coffee table to suit your wishes as coffee lovers. The easiest form of view on the Internet or other media is a type of gold quatrefoil. The shape of the table legs that make up the cloverleaf that is interconnected with gold color makes your living room look more enchanting and more elegant.

Gold Quatrefoil Coffee Table
Gold Quatrefoil Coffee Table (Picture Source: royhomedesign)
The concept of making a coffee table with a table foot shape, such as clover leaves makes an attractive form of design. The morphology of the plant from Water nails (Salviniales) is interesting to look distinctive because its umbrella-like shape with the arrangement of four children is facing each other.

Quatrefoil Round Coffee Table

Coffee table with round shape seems very in demand because it looks more classic, elegant and minimalist. A lot of coffee lovers who choose coffee table with this round shape, especially for those who have small children, because it is very safe especially for children while playing because it does not have a sharp elbow at the end.

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Quatrefoil Round Coffee Table (Picture Source: www.decorpad.com)
In addition to having a coffee table with a clover decoration connected to form the foot of the table, make the coffee table is very attractive, plus can be put in a limited space. To beautify that there is a harmonization between the spaces with a coffee table, you can put a flower vase with a charming flower or put some books or magazines on it.

Quatrefoil Coffee Table Silver

Coffee table shape with clover leaves as design, making the coffee table looks more attractive, especially with silver color as the dominant main color. Of some literature, most of which chose a coffee table with this cloverleaf, believing that by making and selecting a coffee table with the foot-shaped table of clover leaves are competitiveness connected so as to form the foot of the table, believing that they will Find happiness and good luck. It turns out this is also applied, by choosing a coffee table with additional quatrefoil accessories.

Quatrefoil Coffee Table Silver
Quatrefoil Coffee Table Silver (Picture Source: www.decorpad.com)
With a blend of the attractive and elegant coffee table, coupled with the belief about the leaf clover, this makes coffee lovers who believe in this myth deliberately choose coffee table with the shape as above. If you do not find a table decorated with Quatrefoil as you choose, you can order with custom according to your wishes and tastes.

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