The coffee table is still one of the mandatory furniture must-have coffee lovers who love to enjoy a coffee at home. While sitting, reading a book, or read a magazine while enjoying coffee, with a beautiful black coffee in cups on a coffee table, is truly a sight that engrossing. An awful lot of choice coffee table available in the furniture stores or furniture stores. But to pick an attractive coffee table, depending on your own, whether you prefer a simple minimalist impression or the impression of rustic and robust, all depends on you. In addition to selecting the best coffee table, should also be seen from the space that you have, or the concept of home and space.

If you are a man who likes the concept of structure and interior architectural style or old and want a coffee table, can be used to store many objects, for this coffee table, you can select the concepts of "rustic lift top coffee table". The concept is very interesting because it combines old-style and function objects.

Rustic Coffee Table With Lift Top

Talk about rustic on the coffee table, then the style here stressed on a coffee table that has characteristics, such as using natural materials. Frequently used color is the color with the display almost close to the materials used, for example, the color red on the bricks, soil color, pale yellow, and the color is brown wood, including on natural color material.

Rustic Coffee Table With Lift Top (Picture Source: Internet)
Coffee table with a lift top, rustic design became an interesting idea, especially if you love the home interior with rustic impression. With table-based and natural shape, and the concept of a table that can be used to store a lot of stuff, and this table can be pulled upwards, becoming favored coffee lovers.

Table with rustic, wood design looks very interesting, with a rough texture on the edges and is usually not done finish wooden machine, make this rustic table sparkle. This coffee table or if want to look more attractive, you can use a matte paint or sanding edge of the table. The concept of the lift top with hinge is a coffee table concept into current trends, let alone with the condition to meet the limited living space. With the hinge mechanism allows interesting tabletops to the top, the lower one can be used for goods storage area or a place to store a laptop. For example for a coffee table with a lift top, this one uses a small wheel, allowing you to move the table to the location you want.

Hodgenville Rustic Lift Top Coffee Table

In addition to the rustic model as above, there is also another rustic model very interesting to consider. Type Hodgenville rustic coffee table can be an option for those of you who love the natural feel of a typical Hodgenville. By taking the name of the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln in Hodgenville, Kentucky, United States. Areas with a natural and comfortable atmosphere, making the furniture maker model rustic had the idea to make the best coffee table.

Hodgenville Rustic Lift Top Coffee Table (Picture Source:
Ashley Furniture is one of the manufacturers who produce coffee table rustic, with dark brown colored coffee table, the design used took the idea of a quiet rural atmosphere, and are made with birch veneers and hardwood.

Same is the case with another rustic coffee table, rustic Hodgenville lift top coffee table, this presents a minimalist atmosphere with a rustic country atmosphere and finishing are modern, with minimalist form and finishing rustic. This coffee table is essentially a kind of combination between natural products and simplicity, providing a versatile Holster, with the functional form of the coffee table, which can be used for the storage of your favorite items.

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