This time we will talk about coffee drinking equipment that is often brought by coffee lovers when we want to travel out of the city or coffee lovers who love to do traveling. Coffee is one of the drinks that are always in demand by anyone, let alone a coffee lover. For coffee lovers, it is incomplete not to enjoy the coffee, even to travel long, coffee is still one of the drinks to carry, therefore they need equipment that can accommodate coffee in the hot state. A tool that is often brought to travel that can store coffee in a thermos. There is a lot of thermoses available in a variety of types and prices. One of the tools that can be chosen by a traveler who is also a coffee lover is Stanley Coffee Thermos.

To enjoy delicious coffee, it is good to be enjoyed when in hot conditions. The hot power of coffee after brewed is usually strong until a period of 15 minutes, after which the heat will be reduced. For those of you who want to enjoy coffee, while traveling, the choice of carrying a coffee-filled thermos becomes the best choice.

In fact, in addition, thermos there are other tools that can withstand the temperature of hot drinks, especially coffee, called heat preserving mug. This container has a tube-like shape, which serves to keep the temperature hot, to remain stable, especially with products that have a double structure vacuum stainless steel design. With a design that has a separator between the outside and inside, on the mug.

Speaking of Thermos, let alone thermos be one of the mandatory tools to carry on the go, then choose the best thermos you should do, and don't get the thermos you carry leak, which eventually troublesome you.

Stanley Thermos For Coffee

Choosing a thermos or vacuum bottle from Stanley can be an option for those of you who want to always keep your coffee warm. This tool is intended for those of you who travel often, whether traveling in the city or out of town. Usually on a long trip sometimes it is difficult to enjoy coffee, but nowadays they need coffee availability in hot conditions when in the street, helped by the existence of a thermos tool for the coffee from Stanley.

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The need to enjoy coffee is a necessity of daily routine, when you want to enjoy a cup of coffee, with such a solid time, usually still remaining coffee. And then let the coffee and to be enjoyed the afternoon, it is also less fresh. Seeing this, the possible solution is to have a small thermos that can be carried everywhere, eventually having a Stanley coffee thermos can be a choice.

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Stanley Coffee Thermos Reviews

As a coffee lover, and various daily activities that always drink coffee, then often the coffee that is enjoyed to be not exhausted, and the choice of the coffee thermos, the best choice, because coffee is still hot. If you are a person who does the job and often out of town, so more time spent on the road, this model coffee tool, could become a very useful coffee travel kit.

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In consideration of choosing a thermos, there are four things to look at:
  1. Selection of thermos material. Thermos material is very diverse, ranging from plastic, glass and stainless Stell, therefore choose the best material for the heat holder of your coffee.
  2. Thermos resistance. In a sense, the thermos you choose should be strong to store the drink, either in a hot or cold state.
  3. Choose a simple thermos size. Usually for traveling thermos carried is that has a size of 200 ml or size of 250 ml.
  4. Choose the thermos according to your needs and do not forget, choose an attractive design.
For the best option, you can choose a coffee thermos with size, the height of 20 cm, with a diameter of 5 cm and weight 200 grams, this tool has a capacity of 250 ml, such a thermos size is very simple. With a coffee size of about 1 1/2 cups espresso coffee.

Choice of choosing Thermos Stanley, very reasonable, with the main reason, the tool is not easily damaged and can save the heat with a time of 8 hours so that the temperature can be constant, in other words, Thermos reliable heat condition. The point is, although the price is somewhat more expensive with other products, the quality is maintained.

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