Coffee has become the usual thing to do and be daily habits before doing the activity. Currently drinking coffee is already a routine that must be done. With the abundance of coffee production, coupled with the emergence of a coffee place start, this opens the chance presence of creative drinks with the basic ingredients of coffee. Even now the helper materials began to appear which can be mixed on a coffee for you coffee lovers who are not strong with a sour taste to the coffee. There is a variant of the type of material that can be added on coffee drinks IE creamer, which divided into the coffee creamer and whipped cream. Two types of these materials would make the copies that you want to enjoy being more delicious and beautify the look of coffee. In addition, the manufacturer of coffee creamer that introduces also a lot with this type of "sweet cream coffee creamer".

Creamer in the form of powder or called  "non-dairy creamer ", is a milk substitute product, which means that milk is not in the true sense. Creamer is currently consumed in the rest of the world to replace milk and as a mixture of coffee, which has a range of brands and types of creamer. Creamer has two forms, namely in the form of powder and liquid. That is interesting here, is not the creamer milk so that this material does not contain lactose, hence creamer could be consumed by anyone including persons who have Lactose Intolerance.

Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer Calories

For those of you who love coffee but not strong with the strength of the acid contained in coffee, you could add the creamer. The creamer is priced cheaper than cow's milk, it makes coffee with the mixture has a cheaper price than coffee depends on a mix of cow's milk. Nevertheless, in the everyday life of coffee creamer to the general public in the packaging also called coffee with milk.

Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer Calories (Picture Source: www.target.com)
Creamer has a fat content of different types, ranging from 28% to 35%. The fat content that exists in savory flavors evokes a creamer, the higher the fat content, leading to the more savory flavored creamer.


Homemade Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer

Making the creamer yourself into its own challenges, especially for those of you who love coffee mixed with creamer. Vegetable Creamer in making it there also are using coconut oil and there are also taking oil from the oil palm. The second use of such oils certainly,  has its advantages and disadvantages, it is situated on the savory smell, posed, and time expired in usage.

Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer (Picture Source: www.influenster.com)
Creamer that uses palm oil from the usually more durable, and does not appear the odor in a long period of time. There is a simple way of making the creamer. Any materials used are simple, that only 14 ounces sweetened condensed milk and 1 ¾ cup fresh milk.

Step process makes creamer, among others:
  • Mix the two ingredients (sweetened condensed milk and liquid milk) until blended.
  • The Second Step, the material is put into the jar and should be concluded with a meeting.
  • Then mix both ingredients and shake, processed the next milk into a creamer is ready to add to your coffee drink.
To add to the deliciousness, creamer could do a combination with other materials, such as vanilla, chocolate syrup or any other materials to add variations of the creamer. In order to be used on the other time, you can use the way, inserting the creamer into the mold of ice cubes, then the liquid creamer is frozen and stored in a plastic bag, and put into the freezer. Recently when it needs to immediately enjoy coffee, creamer was issued from the freezer.

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