It was an interesting discussion this time. Talking about coffee is certainly a lot of discussions that can be talked about, ranging from about coffee itself, type of coffee, the development of coffee, type, and type of coffee machine, ranging from traditional to modern, even also about the coffee machine That can make espresso quickly. There are a lot of coffee support products that can always be enjoyed. With regard to this one additional product of coffee that is often in demand is coffee creamer. But this time different than other coffee topics is about wanting to choose a vegan lifestyle. Of course, by choosing the lifestyle of a vegan, automatic drinks that are enjoyed also to follow the vegan lifestyle, as well as to enjoy coffee, one of which is needed is vegan coffee creamer.

Before continuing the topic of discussion about beverages suitable for vegans, this time we will surgery what is vegetarian and also what is vegan. Most of us consider these two terms to have the same meaning. At first glance, there is the same thing, that is to avoid meat and give priority to food ingredients of plants for the main food. But behind that, there is a significant difference.

Vegetarians are the ones who choose lifestyle depends solely on vegetables, fruit, nuts and everything that emerging from plants to get nutritional needs for the fulfillment of its life source. But despite avoiding meat, some vegetarians still have a tolerant of some products of animals. This is different to the vegan lifestyle. Vegans are the ones who adhere to a more extreme vegetarian lifestyle, avoiding everything related to animals and all the products it produces, even eggs and milk. In addition, vegan lifestyles also avoid products produced from animals, including gelatin and honey.

Vegan Coffee Creamer Alternatives

It is obvious that vegans do not want to consume anything related to animals. Of course, many vegans are also pleased to be coffee, and most are pleased to have coffee drinks that contain milk, such as Caffe Latte, Cappucino. However, because milk comes from animals, it is an alternative to use vegetable milk, such as soy, Almon and other types of nuts.

Vegan Coffee Creamer Alternatives
Vegan Coffee Creamer Alternatives (Picture Source: go dairy-free)
As an alternative to animal milk, vegetable milk when formulated with an expert will have a delicious flavor. Examples of cappuccino mixed with almond milk for coffee addicts will have a delicious flavor, with a good taste compared to ordinary milk.

All Natural Vegan Coffee Creamer

Today's lifestyle trends are very influential in daily life. One of the patterns of coffee consumption also took effect. As one of the emerging trends, the vegan lifestyle is one of the options used today. In a few years ago, a crazy assumption was given to people who did not eat animal-derived products, without drinking milk, without eggs, even without meat. By reason of wanting to do healthy eating options and also follow the trend in maintaining the environment. Then this is the basis of various restaurants and things related to the lifestyle of vegan patterns.

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A lot of products are developed with this vegan base. From the meat start made from soy, cheese is made not from cow's milk. So as a way of getting a natural coffee creamer for vegans is to make a creamer of soy milk, which currently has been circulating in supermarkets.

Vegan Coffee Creamer Brands

Speaking of coffee creamer for vegan lifestyles, with a growing understanding of healthy living, it opens up opportunities such as companies that produce creamer, making special vegan creamer, among others:
  • Silk Creamer with a multitude of options.
  • Ripple Foods Original Half & Half.
  • Nutpods Dairy-Free Creamer.
  • Califia Farms Almond Milk Creamer 
  • Trader Joes' Vegan Creamer
  • So Delicious Dairy-Free Creamers.

Vegan Coffee Creamer Brands
Nutpods Dairy-Free Creamer (Picture Source:

Best Vegan Coffee Creamer Recipe

The Creamer function becomes very important if you want a coffee with a soft taste. If usually a creamer is made of milk, then it is different to be an option for a vegan who is very avoiding derivative products from animals, including milk. By looking at it, there is an easy way to create your own milk-free and low-carbohydrate creamer.

Preparation of materials, prepare the materials needed, as follows:
  • 1/4 cups water.
  • Vanilla Essence
  • 1/2 cups almond paste.

How to make it very easy, as follows:
  1. Put the almond paste into the cup.
  2. Add water and a few drops of vanilla essence.
  3. Stir well and the coffee creamer is ready to be served.
  4. Put two to three tablespoons of creamer into the coffee, and also do not forget to add sugar, so that the coffee tastes delicious.

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