Home is a place to do all activities, after working at the office. A lot of activities can be done at home, especially in the living room. The living room will not be complete, if not equipped with a table that can give pleasure in enjoying coffee. And coffee is still one of the reasons, why choose a coffee table to put in the living room. So many choices of coffee table to choose from to be placed in the living room. Among the choices of coffee table There are models that can be chosen to enjoy coffee, namely minimalist model, with the form of a white and gold coffee table, with a concept that is simple, functional and elegant.

Having an attractive coffee table will make a good focal point in the living room. Moreover, a minimalist and elegant shape will make the living room become more attractive. Many models and types of coffee tables are made using the best ingredients, which can give a minimalist impression to your home.

White Coffee Table With Gold Legs

Coffee table with minimalist concept, with marble combination as table board and Golden Foot table, will create a luxurious nuance in the living room. Especially with the round shape, it is suitable for a living room with a small size.

White Coffee Table With Gold Legs
White Coffee Table With Gold Legs (Picture Source: icanhasgif)
Along with the demand for a coffee table that has corrosion resistance, stainless steel is required to prevent the influence of increasing chromium content in the steel. Therefore, for a stainless coffee table, it is necessary to add molybdenum to increase the corrosion resistance that is resistant to acid.

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With the use of stainless steel for the foot of the given table gold color, it will be more attractive and look elegant. Coffee table selection with a white surface and extra gold table legs, reflecting you are a person who is happy about something minimalist, simple, yet elegant.

White Coffee Table With Gold Base

A coffee table with a gold-colored display, usually round or rectangular, which is designed with a table surface can be made of marble or from transparent glass. With a different look, the coffee table will give a different impression, if you can arrange a good design of the living room you have.

White Coffee Table With Gold Base
White Coffee Table With Gold Base (Picture Source: www.decorpad.com)
A coffee table display with gold color on the base or foot of the table, making it like a mix of furniture design, between classic European models with a minimalist style. Table foot construction can use wood or stainless-steel material, strong construction becomes a mainstay of a table with models like this.

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