Brewing coffee Nowadays seems to be a part of the coffee making own fun activities, especially for coffee lovers. A lot of ways can be used to make coffee, one of them is by brewing method, and the most preferred method is the pour-over method, that is by pouring the hot water gently into the dripper with filters. The question now is about Coffee Filter Sizes and the type of Filter that can be used when making coffee.

The use of coffee filters when making coffee depends heavily on what method to use. If using a manual brew method, it is very possible you should use a coffee filter. And the use of coffee filters is not as easy as it is calculated because the use of this thin coffee filter turns out to be very influential in coffee flavor.

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Coffee Filter Size Guide

Here are some filters that can be used to brew coffee. But before using a coffee filter, make sure to do preheat first. The types of coffee filters can be selected, among others as follows:
  • Paper Filter. In this type of filter, each coffee served will have a soft coffee character. There are several types of filter models, such as Chemex filter, Mellita oxygen bleached, Mellita Unbleached Natural, and Hario V60 Filter.
  • Metal Filter. Very different from paper type filters. Metal Filter is a filter made of stainless materials that coffee oil is also flowing, but that distinguishes with the paper filter, is the coffee oil on the paper filter left with the pulp. The ones included in this type of filter are Abe Kone and able disks.
  • Cloth Filter. This type of filter refers to the "Coffee sock Filter", which is durable. 
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Melitta Coffee Filter Sizes

In the process of brewing coffee, the filter becomes an essential tool for brewing coffee. In the Mellita Coffee Filter type There are two types of filters:
  • Mellita Oxygen Bleached. This Filter gives the scent of paper, with the coffee produced heavier with a full texture.
  • Mellita Unbleached Natural. These filters give the wood flavor in the first and second rinses. 
Melitta Coffee Filter Sizes
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Coffee Filter Papers Size 2

As a tool to brew coffee, the filters on coffee will enhance the flavor of the coffee. While the paper filter is a filter for coffee made of paper materials, with white and some brownish color. In this paper, the filter is used for the manual coffee brewing process, such as Bonavita Drip, Chemex, Hario V60, Melitta, Kalita Wave, and Aeropress. The brewing result of the paper filter has a more bright and clean taste.

Coffee Filter Papers Size 2
Coffee Filter Papers Size 2 (Picture Source:
One example of a paper filter is coffee paper Bonmac V60 Paper Filter Unbleached 02-100, this paper Filter from Bonmac is for V60 size 02, which can give a clean brew result of coffee and without pulp. In this paper filter type is very suitable for cone model, which has a size of 1-4 Cup. Hard This filter is a Japanese-made filter paper that has longer and softer fibers, which makes brewing activity more controllable.

Vietnamese Coffee Filter Sizes

This type of filter is very famous around the world because it is very easy to use. This Filter is called "Vietnam Drip", which is made from the metal filter which is placed on top of the Special cup of Vietnamese dripper Metal Cup.

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