Coffee now has become part of an inseparable life. If you used coffee only served when there are guests who come to visit at home. But nowadays, besides being a drink to be consumed in the morning, coffee is also a lifestyle that distinguishes it with other drinks. Even with the development of technology that is growing and sophisticated, there is much knowledge about coffee, even one of which is the study of coffee using  "Coffee Refractometer".

A refractometer is a tool used to measure the concentration of dissolved materials. This tool was invented by Dr. Ernest Abbe, who was a German scientist around 2010, who drew from this tool on his working method using the refractive theory of light.

Coffee Refractometer Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, information is obtained by definition, that refractometer is a tool for measuring refractive index. Measurements using these refractometers use Snellius law. While the calculation of the refractive index in solution, using Lorentz-Lorenz formula as well as Gladstone-Date equation.

Coffee Refractometer Wikipedia
Coffee Refractometer (Picture Source: perfectdailygrind)
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Refractometers are used to determine the level of soluble material in a solution. Likewise, in the coffee business, a refractometer is also needed to determine the level of extraction and is contained in coffee drinks.

Refractometer And Coffee

Speaking of coffee and its development, nowadays coffee has also undergone a fascinating development, and it is a fascination for research, which also leads to science. It is also related to the tool used to measure the elements contained in the coffee. The tool used is TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) or commonly referred to a refractometer.

Refractometer And Coffee
Refractometer And Coffee (Picture Source:
Interesting to know about whether it's TDS?. In general, TDS is interpreted as a large number of solid substances, either organic solids or non-organic materials, that exist in liquids. Or can be called by soluble levels in liquids. In coffee, TDS is the level and level of extraction contained in coffee drinks, while the tool used to measure TDS is called a refractometer. So, this tool is a tool that can measure the level of material that is soluble in coffee.

Refractometer For Coffee

Maybe for those of you who just love to enjoy coffee, a tool like this refractometer is not a concern for you, but for you a coffee business, refractometers become one of the essential tools that the usability and use should learn, Moreover, it is very related to their role related to coffee. A refractometer for you a roaster, brewer or a barista of coffee, very important, to measure the level of TDS on coffee, with the tool, will know the data and information that is concrete to do analysis, which will eventually control Coffee extraction.

Refractometer For Coffee
Refractometer For Coffee (Picture Source: socraticcoffee)
Why knowing this coffee extraction becomes very important?. This is because knowing the level of extraction will be able to improve, revise even improve the important elements that exist in coffee, such as taste, consistency of coffee blends, even mouth-feel.

Best Coffee Refractometer

As a tool that can provide information about coffee, the ultimate goal is to provide the best and balanced coffee brew, so it can pay attention to the complexity and sweetness coffee.

Best Coffee Refractometer
"ATAGO PAL-BX | ACID40" (Picture Source:
A lot of tools can be used to measure the acidity of coffee. As it is known together, that coffee has a high acid level, with the presence of tools, such as refractometers will be known levels of coffee acidity, especially today, tools such as refractometers can be used easily.

One of the temporary coffee acidity measuring instruments is very easy and a reference to be used easily is "ATAGO PAL-BX | ACID40, this tool will help you in measuring the acidity of coffee, besides it also comes with advanced features that help you in measuring.

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