Expect the freshness of a cold drink amid the hot sun, it feels natural. Moreover, enjoy a cool drink while hanging out with friends in a coffee shop, must be very enjoyable. There is a wide selection of drinks that you can enjoy in a coffee shop, in addition to coffee drinks. But certainly, despite the many choices of drinks to choose from, drinks are still good coffee drinks. K Cup Iced Coffee is still always the choice to enjoy coffee, with the freshness of ice and a strong coffee flavor from the K Cup that is able to maintain the flavor, always an option to enjoy a cold coffee.

It is different if you want to enjoy coffee at home, especially if you don't have a coffee machine with K Cup raw materials, surely you make iced coffee from ordinary ground coffee, which is then cooled, newly added ice cubes into the refrigerated coffee.

In the big city, iced coffee drinks, nowadays become a favorite drink that is always sought, not even a big cafe, but the small class of beverage outlets also provide ice coffee drinks. But that distinguishes ordinary iced coffee drinks, with an iced coffee in the cafe or coffee shop is the use of material coffee.

K Cup For Iced Coffee

With a drink of coffee outlets, ranging from small town to big city, even in the existing food court, started many that provide iced coffee drinks. Why coffee ice shop taste better?. From the many coffee shops in various coffee outlets, it turns out that distinguishing is the use of materials for making coffee.

K Cup For Iced Coffee
K Cup For Iced Coffee (Picture Source: www.hayneedle.com)
The coffee shop uses special machines to make delicious coffee, which produces quality coffee drinks. The secret lies in the tool used to make coffee, namely using capsule coffee machines. How to make this coffee is a trend lying to make coffee with a capsule system. There are many coffee machines that currently provide machines using the cup at affordable prices and very competitive.

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To make ice coffee with K Cup is very easy. Simply use a coffee machine with a capsule system, by inserting a coffee pod, freshly brewed. Coffee machine with capsule system will define a delicious coffee result because the coffee pod has been designed to be compatible in the coffee machine, also coffee flavor in the coffee cup is more awake. From the results of the coffee produced, new ice cubes are added to make iced coffee taste delicious.

K Cup Iced Coffee Maker

It was very interesting to talk about a coffee iced drink from a favorite coffee machine. Keurig as one of the coffee machine makers who also have innovations by making coffee materials compatible with other coffee machines have a coffee machine product that has brewing system that can accelerate the process of making hot water.

One of Keurig coffee machines that can make a coffee machine with K Cup is Keurig K10 Mini, by making coffee in only two minutes. K Cup itself provides a wide selection of coffee as many as 400 types of coffee from 60 coffee brands.

K Cup Iced Coffee Maker
K Cup and Keurig K10 Mini (Picture Source: site)
Once the coffee is made from the Keurig K10 Mini engine, to speed up the coffee for a quick cold, you need a cooling device, called "Coil". This tool is deliberately designed to make iced coffee, which is made from a ceramic material consisting of four parts. At the bottom is a container with a sieve. In the center is a container with a height of 9 feet and at the top is the lid. To cool the coffee from a temperature of 210 degrees to 48 degrees only, it takes only 4 minutes.

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