This time the coffee is still an interesting topic to cover. There are many types of coffee to choose from. Even from around us, we can get the best coffee beans for us to enjoy. With the growing information and ease to get a favorite coffee, we are not going to worry about the shortage of coffee supply. Even with the convenience of today's technology, coffee companies also make coffee that can be used directly with a coffee machine. One of the best coffee you can choose to enjoy coffee is Kona Coffee K Cups.

It's interesting to know about Kona coffee. Kona Coffee is a type of coffee grown in Kona, a place on Big Island, Hawaii. What is interesting here is Kona Coffee is a legally protected coffee, intending to convince only coffee planted in a specific area that can be sold as "Kona Coffee", moreover this type of coffee is a type of gourmet coffee is very expensive and Have a high value in the international market.

As a coffee that is the choice of world coffee lovers, this Kona coffee is known, because it has a good quality of coffee, moreover there is quality control that is enforced in Hawaii, which only allows that the best quality coffee Can be sold under the "Kona" label.

Pure Kona Coffee K Cups

The coffee pleasure of Kona has made a large coffee company, such as Keurig interested in producing and developing coffee in the form of cups, or commonly referred to as K Cups. The secret to the enjoyment of Kona coffee is the production and management of Kona coffee. Kona Coffee is a coffee derived from coffee plants planted by Mauna Loa and Mount Hualalai, Big Island. To get the typical quality coffee beans Kona, this coffee plant is done intensive management, by harvesting the coffee beans by manual or using hands on a part of the harvest cycle to get coffee beans with the level of maturity that Maximum.

Pure Kona Coffee K Cups
Pure Kona Coffee K Cups (Picture Source: wholebeancoffee.org)
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With the quality and enjoyment of coffee Kona, cause Keurig to try to make K Cups with pure ingredients of coffee Kona. As it is known that K Cups is a packaging plastic container for coffee that is deliberately designed to be used on a single drink system Keurig coffee machine to brew coffee drinks.

Kona Blend Coffee K Cups

Kona coffee is different from other coffee produced by other countries, which also produce coffee. Kona Coffee itself has 3 (three) types of coffee. In the Kona Coffee type 1, the Kona coffee of this type has two seeds and is further divided based on the quality of the coffee. In the Tipe2 coffee, the fruit has only one seed, which is better known as Peaberry. In the last type, the Type 3, this type of coffee can not be sold carried in the label Kona.

Kona Blend Coffee K Cups
Kona Blend Coffee K Cups (Picture Source: coffeeconsumers)
Kona Coffee is famous for its expensive coffee because it is expensive, then some coffee companies do diversified products by selling combination coffee Kona. The combination of coffee is done by making the percentage of the coffee of Kona with a smaller amount, with cheaper coffee beans in a large percentage. And this is also done by Keurig to give the best coffee, so that coffee lovers get a coffee, although the coffee is coffee blend coffee Kona. Even it was made a practical solution with the coffee Kona Blend in the form of K Cups.

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