Coffee is still a favorite drink for the urbanites, not just favorites, but has become a lifestyle. Nowadays there are many varieties of coffee and modification of coffee that has evolved, one of which is coffee with a mixture of alcohol that is usual in with coffee liqueur. There are lots of coffee liqueur brands, including Baileys, Jager Meister, Kahlua, Blue Curacao, Melon Liqueur, and Vesper Flair. But an interesting liquor drink to be known is Patron Coffee Liqueur.

Coffee has undergone rapid development, even when there are many new techniques in making coffee, ranging from manual brewing techniques to the emergence of cold brew techniques. Not finished with cold brew technique, appear again coffee with a mixture of liqueur.

Liqueur or also known as sweet Spirit is a drink with alcohol with basic ingredients of dry spirit, such as vodka, gin, rum, and whiskey, with the addition of aroma, sugar, and essence. Most beverages with alcohol blends use sweet spirits as sweeteners, in addition to the color that is also interesting.

Patron Coffee Liqueur Drinks

Speaking of liqueur Coffee, the name Patron Coffee Liqueur becomes one of the coffee products with a mixture of alcohol from Mexico. With the basic ingredients of Mexico's original tequila, Patron pulled out a coffee product that can be tried. Usually, in conjunction with tequila, it is also served a wide range of typical Mexico specialties, such as Cevine Alvardo-style, Beef, and Chicken Taquitos, and Tinga Poblano.

Patron Coffee Liqueur Drinks
Patron Coffee Liqueur Drinks (Picture Source:
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Patron Liqueur is a drink made by Patron Tequila, the world's finest Tequila beverage factory. This beverage is based on Weber Blue Agave, which has the best quality, this typical Mexican plant is the base material for making tequila drinks, which are derived from the volcanic plains in Mexico's Jalisco.

Patron Coffee Liqueur Reviews

It is quite different, if usually liqueur coffee, is a coffee that uses alcohol as its mixture, usually which we often see and hear is coffee liqueur with brands from Sheridan and Baileys, which are the two brands of Irish Coffee that have been World famous.

Patron Coffee Liqueur
Patron Coffee Liqueur (Picture Source:
However, it currently also develops liqueur coffee with a mixture of tequila made by Patron Tequila, from Mexico. This drink is made with a mixture of espresso with a little tequila. The blend of the Patron-made tequila, which is mixed in espresso coffee, is not inferior to Kahlua, which is the name of a drink from the Mexican Veracruz.

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