The development of coffee today is very remarkable, coffee develops no longer just black coffee. Even people no longer just know the coffee as a type of coffee, but many types of coffee that is known, in addition to Arabica coffee, robusta coffee and many other types of coffee. Even the variation of coffee mixture began to be much modified, the trend of coffee development more and more, until the emergence of the idea to make coffee with a unique flavor, namely coffee liqueur. Even coffee manufacturers, such as Sheridan to make their own coffee brand with the Sheridan Coffee Liqueur product.

In the United States, even in Europe, a coffee liqueur which is a coffee product made from a mixture of coffee and alcohol into a new trend, with a unique flavor, both from its flavor and aroma. Coffee liqueur was discovered first by Frederick the Great in the 18th century in Italy, at which time he mixes coffee with champagne.

Actually a lot of varieties of coffee, made from blending coffee with alcohol, this drink becomes a favorite drink in the United States, such as Coffeed Negroni, which is a coffee brew of the famous bartender, Jimmy Marino in Los Gatos, California, which Mixing liqueur coffee that has a soft flavor of St. George with rum, and produce a new type liqueur coffee, called Coffeed Negroni.

Sheridan Coffee Liqueur Taste

Unlike Italy who found coffee liqueur the first time, this time still talking about coffee with an alcohol mix, there is an Irish that popularized coffee liqueur in the world, with its famous product Sheridan. The famous coffee liqueur product is the Irish coffee that was first discovered by Joe Sheridan, at Foynes, Country of Limerick in Ireland.

Sheridan Coffee Liqueur Taste
Sheridan Coffee Liqueur Taste (Picture Source:
The initial story of Sheridan Coffee Liqueur started during the winter of 1940, passengers from new Americans arriving at Foynes Harbor felt cold due to freezing temperatures. And then Joe Sheridan added a whiskey to his coffee to warm up their body. The passengers also asked Sheridan and explained that the drinks served are Irish coffee, Irish Coffee.

Sheridan Coffee Liqueur Review

With the production of Liqueur coffee, finally, the drink with the brand Sheridan was produced in 1995 in Dublin by Thomas Sheridan & Sons. A great idea to make liqueur coffee drinks has actually been designed since the year 1980 by Pat Rigby, who is the Director of research and development for Baileys, finally, the production of liqueur coffee started in 1989.

Sheridan Coffee Liqueur Review
Sheridan Coffee Liqueur (Picture Source:
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Sheridan bottle is very different and also has different uniqueness compared to other bottles of beverage, this bottle consists of two separate parts, which are separated by glass but still blend and together. In one section is filled with black liquor, consisting of coffee flavor and whiskey, and on one side is filled with white liquor, namely milk white chocolate or commonly called vanilla.

Various Sheridan Coffee Liqueur

There are many varieties of coffee liqueur available, even easily obtained, here are some options of Sheridan Coffee Liqueur, among others:
  • Sheridan Coffee And Cream Liqueur
Sheridan Coffee And Cream Liqueur
Sheridan Coffee And Cream Liqueur (Picture Source:
  • Sheridan's Irish Coffee Cream Liqueur
Sheridan's Irish Coffee Cream Liqueur
Sheridan's Irish Coffee Cream Liqueur (Source: deccanchronicle)
  • Sheridan Coffee Liqueur Amazon
Sheridan Coffee Liqueur Amazon
(Picture Source:
  • Sheridan's Coffee Layered Liqueur Amazon
(Picture Source:
  • Sheridan Coffee Liqueur For Sale USA
Sheridan Coffee Liqueur For Sale USA
Sheridan Coffee Liqueur (Picture Source:
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