Coffee tables are still the furniture needed for coffee lovers to enjoy coffee. With its small shape, this table can give a different atmosphere, when it is placed in your favorite space. With functions that have an important role to put food and drink, especially putting your favorite coffee, then the role of a coffee table in the living room can not be underestimated. A coffee table can be a focal point in the living room, a lot of choices of coffee table that you can choose, ranging from wood material to glass material. What is interesting nowadays is the square acrylic coffee table, which can give a different touch to your living room.

With the development of technology and innovation in the furniture, this time, started to be developed coffee table made of acrylic. Acrylic is a plastic that has a glass-like shape, but what distinguishes is acrylic has superior properties, when compared with glass, other than that acrylic material has an advantage, that is acrylic has a flexible nature, besides Acrylic is a material that is not easily broken, easy to cut, lightweight, easily mashed, even when painted. Even in different forms, acrylic can be formed by thermal into various intricate shapes.

With various advantages that acrylic has, then it is normal to start popping furniture that is made of acrylic. Especially with the attractive shape. Choose a coffee table from acrylic material to be interesting, with acrylic furniture, then the room will look more spacious, this is due to acrylic has a color and a transparent shape.

Small Square Acrylic Coffee Table

The selection of coffee table made from acrylic is a good reason, especially to overcome the increasingly limited space. With its transparent shape, the coffee table made of the transparent acrylic base will be very suitable when placed in your narrow living room.

Small Square Acrylic Coffee Table
Small Square Acrylic Coffee Table (Picture Source: royhomedesign)
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Coffee table with a small box shape, a choice of coffee table ideal for tight space. This coffee table selection will make your living room look spacious, especially with the shining interior that brings an interesting atmosphere in the room, make your room has a simple shape, elegant and minimalist. Even if your space has elongated shapes, you can combine your two coffee tables.

Square Clear Acrylic Coffee Table

If you have limited space in the living room, or you want to put a coffee table in your apartment, then to make it look more spacious, the solution is to put furniture with transparent material. For that, you can choose the material from glass or acrylic. Coffee table made from glass is good, but it becomes very risky when you have a child who is under five years old, especially the child who is active in motion, for that solution is you can have a coffee table made of acrylic.

Square Clear Acrylic Coffee Table
Square Clear Acrylic Coffee Table (Picture Source: myaustinelite)
Acrylic coffee table made from the right choice, especially for those of you who choose to stay in an apartment with a limited area. Because with a transparent acrylic table, make your room appear more spacious.

Large Square Acrylic Coffee Table

After discussing the use of coffee table made of acrylic that is suitable for the living room there is a narrow, then the use of a coffee table or acrylic-based furniture can also be used for a wider space. Therefore, you can choose a large acrylic coffee table. Using a coffee table made of acrylic does give a wide impression among the furniture and decorating the living room.

Large Square Acrylic Coffee Table
Large Square Acrylic Coffee Table (Picture Source: www.1stdibs.com)
Even with acrylic material, you can create an elegant table not only a coffee table, for example with a work desk, by combining white color on tabletop and acrylic on the foot of the table.

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