Coffee is still a hot topic that does not run out to be discussed. The coffee discussion is not only on a good type of coffee but also from simple coffee equipment to modern and sophisticated coffee machines. Even with the development of information, and health understanding, coffee lovers began to switch to organic coffee. Even like famous coffee outlets like Starbucks, also provide Starbucks Organic Coffee, for coffee lovers who care about health.

Why Organic coffee?. This question is often heard when we give a choice of coffee to our friends or companions when we want to draw a coffee. But when hearing about organic coffee, many of which subtly reject the invitation to drink organic coffee, and prefer regular coffee, the common reason is the price factor, organic coffee prices are quite a bit more expensive than non-organic coffee.

Organic Coffee At Starbucks

Talking about Starbucks, of course, all must know that Starbucks is the king of coffee shops in the United States. First opened a coffee outlet in 1971 at Pike's Place Market, Seattle. And until now Starbucks became a gigantic coffee store that grew to thousands of outlets around the world. As a coffee outlet that preserves the quality of coffee, then all acknowledge the quality of coffee at Starbucks is very helpful to them to be more excited in the morning.

Organic Coffee At Starbucks
Organic Coffee At Starbucks (Picture Source:
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In addition to the types of coffee provided from all over the world, Starbucks also provides organic coffee for lovers of coffee. As a favorite of environmentalists and coffee lovers who are health conscious, they intentionally opt for organic coffee by reason:
  • Organic coffee does not use chemicals. It is different from non-organic coffee, non-organic coffee so durable is usually dipped in chemical solutions, namely chlorine and ammonia. Not only that but non-organic coffee at the time of planting also given medicine in the form of pesticides and herbicides.
  • By choosing organic coffee, you are helping organic coffee farmers by buying the coffee they have planted.
  • Organic coffee is a coffee that does not damage the environment because it does not use chemicals.
  • The latter reason is an important factor, why coffee lovers at Starbucks chose organic Coffee, which is about flavor. The flavor of organic coffee has a pure and fresh flavor.

Starbucks Organic Coffee Beans

Starbucks as a favorite coffee booth certainly gives a choice for coffee lovers to determine the coffee of its choice, whether in the form of powder or in the form of coffee beans. For those of you who like organic coffee in the form of seeds, there is an advantage that you get when choosing organic coffee in the form of seeds compared to coffee in powder form. Coffee in the form of a longer seed maintains its flavor and aroma than coffee in the form of powder.

Starbucks Organic Coffee Beans
Starbucks Organic Coffee Beans (Picture Source:
In addition to the taste advantages, buy organic coffee beans at Starbucks, you will get information about the acidity of coffee, and can certainly ask to help you grind the coffee you have bought in the Starbucks according to the size of the milled you Want. In terms of characteristic, organic coffee beans have lower acid and caffeine levels than regular coffee, so organic coffee beans are richer in antioxidants.

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