Coffee is still an interesting commodity to talk about. Also included are a variety of supporting equipment used to enjoy coffee. In addition to equipment, there is also furniture that can be used to enjoy coffee comfortably. Various types of coffee table can be chosen and owned to be placed in the living room. One choice of coffee table that can be chosen is the Triangle Glass Coffee Table. This model coffee table has a beautiful minimalist interior design that is attractive, with a simple shape but has a function that is important and also elegant.

Coffee table becomes the preferred furniture to enjoy a coffee among various other furniture options. Having a coffee table in the living room will make the room atmosphere more attractive. To put a coffee table in the room is not as easy as our shadow, by simply buy and put a coffee table in the middle of the living room, but also have to consider the dimensions, materials, size, placement also the existence of other furniture that has been In the living room.

As one of the furniture that coffee lovers use to put coffee and objects that accompany in enjoying coffee, the function of the coffee table not only be a small table that accompanies the main table in the living room, but also has a function that Provides complementary decorating elements with the entire interior design of the room.

Triangle Coffee Table Base

Coffee table with triangle form does not directly use the minimalist concept. Most models of the model's guest desk, used by grandparents when we are small, with a round shape, with a small size, cause this table is suitable to be placed next to the couch or corner of the room.

Triangle Coffee Table Base
Triangle Coffee Table Base (Picture Source: homedit)
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Coffee table with the glass surface, especially coupled with contemporary design, will be the perfect focal point in your living room. By selecting the Triangle-shaped coffee table, it will make the living room feel airier and more open, this is due to the creation of an illusion of extra space, which makes it as if the living room, appears wider than before added Furniture.

Triangle Coffee Table Wood

The Triangle coffee table becomes furniture with an attractive design and shape. With the presence of this coffee table, you can put coffee cups and snacks in the middle of the room. The size of this coffee table is slightly different, compared to the usual table used, with a small size, a coffee table is a usually high size until the knee of adults.

Triangle Coffee Table Wood
Triangle Coffee Table Wood (Picture Source:
Wooden touches on the coffee table will make your furniture look original with a natural touch. Coffee table selection with this concept, it is suitable for a home with a retro style, modern even contemporary.

Triangle Glass And Wood Coffee Table

Talking about the concept of coffee table with the model triangle, in fact, the concept also cannot be separated by the concept of the triangle in the room. The idea of making a coffee table with the concept of a triangle seems to take the idea of space triangle. The concept of this space triangle is the concept that positioning a furniture most important and most importantly must be inserted in the element of the Triangle, for example in the living room, in the normal condition of the Triangle consists of doors, fireplace, sofa, and television. Then the placement of the coffee table should be placed next to the couch without affecting the imagined position.

Triangle Glass And Wood Coffee Table
Triangle Glass And Wood Coffee Table (Picture Source: loccie)
The combination of coffee table with glass and wood will make the living room become more attractive, let alone the coffee table has a size that is not too large, sleek, modern and minimalist.

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