Enjoying coffee seems like already a part of our daily life. Coffee has become a compulsory drink that we must drink, especially when in the morning. Even for those who love coffee, but not strong with the sour flavor of coffee, usually add other ingredients, so that coffee becomes a favorite drink they can enjoy. But with the growing-up of coffee lovers of health, they start looking for other creamer ingredients that can add coffee flavor, the form of all natural coffee creamer.

It is very difficult to find coffee creamer material from natural ingredients because most of the provided in coffee shops and grocery stores daily necessities is non-dairy creamer. From various research, it is not wrong if you like coffee, because, with coffee, you can get benefits for health, for example improving memory, giving a sense of calm or making the mood more comfortable, Improve cardiovascular health and also lower the risk of diabetes.

But the pleasure of coffee, sometimes limited by the ability of your body is not strong with the sour flavor of coffee is so disturbing. So far to overcome this, most coffee lovers add it with creamer, which unknowingly, enjoyment of enjoying coffee with a mixture of creamer, make a threat to health.

Natural Coffee Creamer Alternative

With the development of information that has been very remarkable, coffee creamer that used to be very well-liked, now become additional material of coffee is likely to be avoided. Non-dairy Creamer is a mixture of Creamer that is usually added to coffee drinks. The tendency to avoid this type of creamer, because this creamer contains a lot of fat so that it can cause blockages in the arteries that can cause a heart attack. And consuming a creamer in many quantities can cause diabetes.

Natural Coffee Creamer Alternative
Natural Coffee Creamer Alternative (Picture Source: godairyfree)
The threat to health, resulting from this artificial coffee creamer caused the creamer to begin abandonment coffee lovers. So that these coffee losers start to switch to a natural, safe and healthy creamer for consumption when blended with coffee.

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Alternative creamer can be obtained using organic creamer such as organic creamer made from coconut milk as raw material. Or use other alternatives by choosing natural ingredients such as vanilla powder, peppermint or peanut extract (either almond or hazelnut). This natural ingredient is a material that can be used as an alternative to artificial creamer because it has low sugar levels and has many benefits to the body.

Best All Natural Coffee Creamer

Coffee enjoyment is nothing to match. Coffee is even served in a variety of flavors, ranging Americano, lattes, even up to instant coffee mixed with sugar and creamer. A mixture of creamer on coffee does have the same properties as milk, making the coffee sweeter and more viscous. However, with the enjoyment of creamer, it turns out to cause less good influence for the body.

Best All Natural Coffee Creamer
Best All Natural Coffee Creamer (Picture Source:
The need to know is that creamer is an additional ingredient, and this ingredient is not dairy, this ingredient is made from chemicals and artificial sugar. One of the products I know and is a high-fiber creamer is a product of "Fiber Creme". These creamers include multi-functional materials made of natural carbohydrates, with the name oligosaccharides that can be easily absorbed by the colon. And this creamer claimed to be free of gluten and lactose content, so it is safe to consume diabetics.

The product "Fiber Creme" is one of the ingredients made from a combination of fiber and cream. With this natural creamer, you can still enjoy your favorite coffee calmly.

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