Coffee, a drink that has its character, which gives the appeal for coffee lovers to dig and develop it into an attractive product, both from the side of the coffee or the equipment to make it. With the great development of coffee, with the introduction of the type of coffee in various countries, making many coffee equipment manufacturers make the best coffee machine that can produce a delicious coffee. Combination coffee makers are one type of coffee machine that is a mainstay for coffee lovers, both coffee drinkers, and coffee business owners.
One of the winners of the World Barista Champion Championship in 2014 in Rimini, Italy, Hidenori Izaki, suggests that various things affect the enjoyment of coffee. Coffee enjoyment comes from a combination of quality coffee beans, a barista's expertise in coffee-making, and the equipment or coffee machine used.

From this, it can be noted that using a sophisticated and precise coffee machine, it is very influential in the coffee result of a barista, this is because the advanced coffee machine features will further improve the accuracy of a barista Coffee.

Combination Coffee Maker And Hot Water Dispenser

Choosing the best coffee machine becomes a must for those of you who own the coffee field business. In addition to the functions that have good quality. Coffee machines are also demanded to have high performance, and also have an attractive physical appearance. An anesthetic function that could be an option is a consideration for choosing a coffee machine. And a coffee machine that has the function as above is found in the "Astoria Sabrina coffee Machine".

Combination Coffee Maker And Hot Water Dispenser
Astoria Sabrina coffee Machine (Picture Source:
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With a design that has a unique concept with a vintage model year 1960, with a mixture of modern touches. Astoria Sabrina's coffee machine has an elegant character. With dimensions, 835 x 582 x 582, weighing up to 90 kg when the boiler with a capacity of 10.5 liters of water is fully charged. This machine with 2 groups will work with 3,900 watts of electrical power. Especially with the volumetric system that will produce a single or double shot espresso composition to be precise and with a delicious taste.

Best Combination Coffee/Espresso Makers

As an espresso lover, it has a coffee machine with the best combination being a very important thing. For that, you should have consideration in choosing the coffee machine. One of the best espresso coffee machines You can choose is DeLonghi Dinamica ECAM 350.15. B. This machine has the advantages, namely a machine system that can be easily removed and make it easy to clean.

Best Combination Coffee/Espresso Makers
Best Combination Coffee/Espresso Makers (Picture Source:
The espresso machine is equipped with a brewing unit that can be removed and re-installed, even in the drip-tray part of the machine can be washed in the dishwasher. Due to its hygiene, this coffee machine product can be durable when used.

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