Coffee still has its appeal for coffee lovers. Even with the various types of coffee in the world, it provides an interesting option to enjoy. With the charm of coffee is so enchanting, make the coffee lovers who are not strong with sour coffee looking for other ingredients to make a drink that is almost the same as coffee, either from the flavor or the shape. One of the alternative forms of coffee is "Dandelion Root Coffee".

Dandelion, this word reminds us of a flower growing in the wild, perhaps even growing around us. With the development of technology and ideas so that coffee lovers can enjoy alternative coffee, then the idea to make coffee from other materials other than coffee began. One of them is making coffee, which is currently very popular in some countries called Dandelion Coffee.

The popularity of coffee from Dandelion Flowers does have a reason, besides its good taste, it also has benefits for this Dandelion coffee drinker. Although it is called with Dandelion Coffee, interestingly, this type of coffee does not contain coffee at all. The color of this dandelion coffee also has a black color with a flavor that is very similar to the actual coffee but has no bitter taste and also has no sour flavor.

Dandelion Root Coffee Alternative

As an alternative coffee drink, certainly, get dandelion coffee as a substitute for coffee drinks become a profitable thing for lovers of coffee that is not strong with the flavor of coffee acid. The dandelion coffee was obtained not from brewing dandelion petals but derived from the roots of the Dandelion flower plant, processed in a way, the roots of the plant that the coffee will make are cleaned, then roasted and ground until smooth. Once the root has been ground it is smooth, just then you can spread it with hot water, in the same way as you brew coffee.

Dandelion Root Coffee Alternative
Dandelion Root Coffee (Picture Source: www.synergyofnature.ca)
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As one of the alternative coffees, dandelions harvested for coffee ingredients are Dandelion from the old genus Taracaxum (aged three to four years) with a root diameter of about 13 mm. Dandelions are wildflowers originating from growth From North America and Eurasia

Dandelion Root As Coffee Substitute

Coffee is still a favorite drink that everyone has liked, but with the advent of Dandelion Coffee, it gives a fresh breeze for coffee lovers who want to enjoy coffee without sour coffee. This is what causes Dandelion to be referred to as a coffee replacement product. Due to being a coffee substitute product, what about the flavor of Dandelion Coffee?. This is what is interesting about Dandelion Coffee, because even without any element of coffee, it turns out that there is a little flavor of coffee, with a scent of flowers and sweetness at the end of the SIP.

Dandelion Root As Coffee Substitute
Dandelion Root As Coffee Substitute (Picture Source: herbalteasonline)
What distinguishes ordinary coffee with Dandelion Coffee is that the Dandelion coffee is no bitter taste and sour taste, and interestingly, Dandelion coffee does not contain caffeine, which can provide a solution for those of you who do not or do not want to drink coffee without the effects of caffeine.

Dandelion Root Coffee Benefits

Talking about Dandelion coffee, enjoying this coffee substitute drink, also has tremendous benefits, especially for health. Surely this is also good news for those of you who care deeply about health. The coffee derived from this Dandelion root turned out to have tremendous benefits for the body, these Dandelion roots contain Vitamin A and minerals, such as potassium, and also by drinking Dandelion coffee can be digestive and supportive liver function.

Dandelion Root Coffee Benefits
Dandelion Root Coffee Benefits (Picture Source: megahowto)
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