If you enjoy traveling to Mount Bromo, Probolinggo, Indonesia, you can stay in the city of Probolinggo, under the foot of Mount Bromo which is 30 kilometers from Mount Bromo. In Probolinggo city there are a lot of cheap stay options, plus many more tourists who prefer in the city because they want to go directly to Mount Ijen and Bali after from Mount Bromo. And if you are a coffee lover, but want to enjoy a delicious coffee, you can look for a place called " Ladang Kopi ". The Ground coffee at Ladang Kopi has a great taste with many options.

As a coffee lover, of course, you will find a place for coffee that serves fresh coffee, which is obtained from the results of grinding coffee at a coffee shop and enjoy it on the spot. One of the places that provide direct coffee ground is " Ladang Kopi ". Oh Yes, do not you imagine this “Ladang Kopi” place to grow coffee, “Ladang Kopi “ is a name for the place to enjoy coffee or coffee shops in the city of Probolinggo.

Ladang Kopi is a name for coffee outlets in Bahasa Indonesia (English, if you search in Google Translate, conveyed with the meaning "Coffee Plantation"). "Ladang Kopi – Roastery & Suppliers" becomes a place to enjoy a comfortable coffee by giving a good selection of coffee.

The Ground coffee at Ladang Kopi
The Ground coffee at Ladang Kopi

The Best Ground Coffee in the Ladang Kopi

As a place to drink coffee, find the best coffee beans or buy coffee as a stock, you can choose this place to get the best coffee typical of Indonesia. There are many types of coffee offered, ranging from Arabica, Robusta or Ekselsa. Do not imagine you will get a typical Brazilian coffee or look for Marley Coffee, you will not find it, but if you are looking for local coffee from Probolinggo, or looking for specialty coffee from Indonesia, the Indonesian coffee, Gayo Wine, arabica Bali Kintamani, and many more Arabica coffee in Indonesia, you can get it here.

The Best Ground Coffee in the Ladang Kopi
Ladang Kopi – Roastery & Suppliers (Picture Source: Instagram Ladang Kopi)
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As A place to get the best coffee milled, the Ladang Kopi is located at Hayam Wuruk Street number 32 A town of Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia. Interested in enjoying coffee at this place?. You can see it in Google Maps below.

Using Ground Coffee

As a coffee lover, the aroma of freshly ground coffee powder will stir you to want to enjoy coffee immediately. Grinding coffee, either done alone or in coffee shops, there is a difference in terms of satisfaction in the process of making delicious coffee. If the coffee shops you just order coffee to be ground, either in a rough form or you ask for a fine grind.

Using Ground Coffee
Mandheling ground coffee
Likewise in the Ladang Kopi, you are given the freedom to choose whether the coffee will be ground in the level of coffee you want, can be in the level of coarse, medium, fine or very fine. This time I tried the coffee in the level of coarse, although I pleased with the coffee is ground with a fine level because the smoother the coffee powder, will be more and more exposed coffee particles and theoretically make the coffee more Extracted due to the abundance of water flowing during small coffee particles. The result of the coffee flavor becomes stronger and intense.

Interested to enjoy the Ground coffee at Ladang Kopi in Probolinggo, Indonesia, you can visit coffee shops to get a taste typical of Indonesian coffees.

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