Coffee is still a mandatory drink when starting the activity in the morning. So many types of coffee that could be your choice to enjoy coffee. With the development of technology and easy access to information, your need for coffee today is very facilitated. As well as a wide selection of coffee drinks that are now ranging in variety, even when you want a fresh drink, you can choose to enjoy fresh iced coffee. To enjoy delicious iced coffee you can start with iced coffee recipe easy at home, which you can easily make ice coffee without any difficulties.

Iced Coffee was one of the good coffee drinks enjoyed in the hot afternoon. With a wide variety of presentation forms and types of beverages, coffee has benefits for the health of the body. Even drinking coffee regularly can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, lowering heart disease and cancer, lowering the depression, even coffee can reduce the disease associated with the nerves, e.g. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Parkinson.

It is interesting to discuss iced coffee, which is a coffee drink that is enjoyed in cold conditions or can also be added ice cubes to the coffee drink. Iced Coffee was made first in France, which is also called Mazagran, which is made from cold coffee and soda water.

Iced Coffee (Picture Source: inspiredtaste)

Easy Iced Coffee Recipe At Home

To make ice coffee at home is very easy, you can make it traditionally, by soaking the coffee beans that have been ground overnight, which then in the next day, coffee water that has been soaked, poured into glasses and cooled.
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Or you can make it easier, by making hot coffee that has been left cold, just then added ice cubes. There are many varieties of ice coffee, which nowadays become delicious coffee drinks in coffee shops, such as Ice Cappucino, Es Mocha, and also one of the flagship menu of Starbucks Frappucino, which is a mainstay menu of iced coffee from Starbucks.

Best Easy Iced Coffee Recipe

Making iced coffee is a delight and has its challenges, but that is the problem, is when you brew hot coffee and directly mix it with ice, consequently, the coffee powder will clot that can lead to abdominal pain.

There are an easy way and the best way to make ice coffee, among others:
  • Use a clear color kettle. By using this kettle with glass, it will look at the process of blending coffee perfectly or not, just then you enter coffee and sugar, just added hot water to taste.
  • Wait for coffee to cool. Once the process is completed, the coffee that is still hot should be silent, until it is completely cold.
  • Mix ice with coffee. The key to making this iced coffee lies in the water composition and the use of ice cubes. There is an easy way that Japanese people use, replacing some water to brew with ice cubes, which produce more viscous iced coffee and ice coffee is not too dilute.
That's a little tip for making iced coffee easily. Hopefully useful.

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