Coffee is still a pleasure to be enjoyed. In every occasion, it feels very difficult to miss a coffee, albeit in a crowded activity. From various places to enjoy coffee, there is one favorite place that always gives satisfaction to enjoy coffee, namely Starbucks. There are many kinds of coffee from various places available in this coffee booth. There is even a brand that attracted me to try it compared to our usual Arabica coffee, Pikes Place Coffee.

Pikes Place Coffee is a brand of coffee owned by Starbucks and becomes a legendary brand. As a coffee company that has its head office in Seattle, Washington, then Starbucks is the largest coffee outlet company in the world, with the highest number of coffee outlets around the world.

Pike Place Coffee At Starbucks

Pike Place became an inspiring town name for coffee at Starbucks. Starting from 1971 until the year 1976, Starbucks coffee outlets stood at 2000 Western Avenue, which was then relocated to 1912 Pike Place. Starbucks's first history became the beginning of Starbucks, beginning with a narrow showcase in the history of Pike Place Market Place.

Pike Place Coffee At Starbucks
Pike Place Coffee At Starbucks (Picture Source: www.thecreativealternative.com)
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By picking up the name idea of the initial place of this Starbucks outlet opened, Pike Place Coffee or Pike Place Roast became a Starbucks coffee brand that was first introduced to the United States public on April 2008, which aims to commemorate the First time Starbucks coffee outlets opened at Pike Place Market, Seattle City, Washington, USA.

Pike Place Coffee Blend

Similar to the best coffee flavor at Starbucks, Pike's Place Roast from Starbucks has a soft and sweet taste. By giving a different sensation for coffee lovers, Pike Place Roast is also provided with a coffee beans arabica medium Roast.

Pike Place Coffee Blend
Pike Place Coffee Blend (Picture Source: www.starbucks.com.au)
Pike Place Roast is deliberately made with moderate concentrations for a size of 250 grams or 8.8 oz. This coffee is perfect to be enjoyed with one Cup yogurt while enjoying the bright morning atmosphere.

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