Want to enjoy fresh coffee in hot weather?. It looks like coffee with extra ice cubes could be the right solution. Make and enjoy ice coffee you can do yourself at home, with recipes and the right way, the flavor of ice coffee you make can have the same flavor, such as ice coffee sold in coffee shops. Recipe for iced coffee is very easy to do, with simple ingredients and tools, you can get iced coffee according to the taste you want.

Is it iced coffee?. Iced Coffee is a coffee drink served in cold or coffee that added ice cubes, so the coffee becomes cold. To make ice coffee can be with ingredients from ordinary coffee or can also from espresso. If you are at home, you can traditionally make ice coffee, namely by soaking the coffee beans that have been ground in the day overnight, only then in the next day, the coffee water is poured into glasses and cooled.

Interestingly, this favorite drink, first made in France, is also called Mazagran, which is a drink derived from cold coffee and soda water. But with the development of time and change in managing coffee as an attractive drink, changed also the way in making this coffee drink. The way of making modern ice coffee is even done in a very easy way, namely by making hot coffee and adding ice cubes to it. In addition to the many modifications of this iced coffee brew, the very famous is Frappuccino which is only provided by Starbucks.

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Easy Recipe For Homemade Iced Coffee

Since around 2017, coffee has become more developed, it is also characterized by the growing number of coffee outlets. And among the coffee drinks are highly liked and a favorite is the iced coffee drinks and a variety of other coffee ice drinks.

With a delicious taste, make ice coffee is very popular, but what if you have been home and lazy to leave the house, then one of the easiest ways is to make your ice coffee at home. Because coffee is the main ingredient, the flavor of coffee becomes the most important element in this drink. For that, you have to make coffee with the right dose and brew coffee, so that the flavor and aroma are still felt.

Recipe For Iced Coffee At Home

With a special recipe that you have to make ice coffee at home, of course, this will make it easy for you to enjoy a delicious iced coffee. No need to use a lot of coffee equipment and professional, just use the French Press Cup to make condensed coffee. The main key in making this iced coffee is, you have to brew the coffee that has been ground first in cold water. Just then you have to filter the concentrate of the coffee, just poured on ice cubes.
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Ingredients to make one cup of ice coffee, among others:
  • 30 grams of coffee that have been ground in a rough state.
  • 350 ml of cold water
  • Ice cubes to taste.
Easy steps to make ice coffee at home:
  1. Get a coffee that has been ground with roughly 30 grams mixed with cold water in the glass Frech Press. And pour 350 ml of cold water and use a spoon to stir it carefully. (Tip: Do not push the suppressor to the French Press, because the milled coffee requires time to interact with the water).
  2. Chill coffee in French Press glasses overnight. If the French Press can not be put in the refrigerator, cover the top of Frech Press with plastic wrapping.
  3. After a day overnight, remove the Frech Press glass from the refrigerator, then attach the French Press lid, and gently push the suppressor so that the ground coffee can go down.
  4. Time to enjoy iced coffee, this step is the last in the process of making ice coffee you want, prepare a glass that is already filled with ice cubes, and fill the glass with cold coffee that you prepared.
If you want a clean flavor, you can prepare a filter gauze to filter the coffee, but if you do not mind the flavor of the natural oil that is in the coffee, then you do not need to filter the coffee.

That is the recipe and simple step in making iced coffee at home. Hopefully useful.

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