Starbucks, the International coffee booth is still a favorite coffee outlet for coffee lovers. A lot of coffee products are owned and produced by Starbucks. Even in the big cities of the world, there are also Starbucks coffee shops that are highly liked by coffee drinkers. A coffee outlet that originated in Washington DC, USA, is a coffee store that is capable of capturing the hearts of coffee lovers around the world. Especially with Starbucks coffee blends that are owned, making these outlets are famous all over the world, not only Americans and Europeans, even in southeast Asia.

As a coffee booth that stood since 1971, this international coffee stall, of course, has a wide network. Quality, being the keyword held by Starbucks to produce the best type of coffee, either coffee in the form of drinks, powder or in the form of coffee beans. The price of coffee drinks is expensive compared to ordinary coffee outlets, this does not affect the sale of Starbucks coffees, this is because the quality and the selected market segments are different.

In the process of its business journey, Starbucks is not only purely selling coffee, but a variety of non-coffee drinks are also offered and served, including various foods that can accompany you while enjoying coffee at Starbucks coffee shops. For you who lovers of Starbucks, who do not like coffee, you can choose a variety of drinks with a selection of non-coffee drinks, and several years ago, also conducted a strategy using Starbucks without using the name of coffee, this as one Targeting strategy in marketing so that Starbucks lovers who are not coffee lovers can enjoy non-coffee drinks at Starbucks.

Coffee Blends At Starbucks

Speaking of coffee, it is always interesting, of course, the coffee itself has two different types, among others coffee blends and single origin. The Single-origin itself is a way for coffee lovers to get a specific flavor of the coffee. It is different when you choose coffee Blend, this type of coffee is the quality of coffee obtained by combining several types of coffee beans to add flavor. In the process of blending done, this way is done to balance the flavor between two types of coffee combined to get a delicious aroma of coffee.

Coffee Blends At Starbucks
Coffee Blends At Starbucks (Picture Source:
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Likewise with Starbucks that has a blend coffee product is Starbucks Blonde Roast. This type of coffee is made by a roasting process of faster coffee. This coffee product is interesting because it is intentionally presented to fulfill the wishes and needs of coffee lovers who want coffee with a light type, but still do not disappear taste, body and the level of aciness.

Starbucks House Blend Coffee Caffeine

As a coffee booth that trusted by his love that always gives the best coffee quality, then, naturally, Starbucks gives a coffee with a variety of blend coffee options with the best flavor. Speaking of coffee blends, the Starbucks blonde roast gives a perfection of the kind of roast coffee that's already in Starbucks. Even with the different types of coffee viscosity, Starbucks coffee lovers are given two interesting options, which are types of Blonde (mild viscosity) and type Bold (the level of coffee viscosity is very thick and strong).

Starbucks House Blend Coffee Caffeine
Starbucks House Blend Coffee Caffeine (Picture Source: mycoffeerecipe)
As the best coffee outlet, then Starbucks Coffee is made with the best process. If most of the coffee outlets use the automatic coffee machine to make coffee to be more practical and reduce the costs incurred, it is different from what Starbucks does still use a semi-automatic coffee machine, this is due to An influential coffee making process on the enjoyment of a cup of coffee. At Starbucks, the main thing that plays a role in coffee enjoyment lies in barista skills in making and serving coffee.

Coffee Frappe Blended Starbucks

In addition to the type of blend coffee above, there is another type of blend coffee, which has a delicious taste even with different processing process. The menu Frappe or Frappuccino is a menu created and developed by Starbucks and gives a distinctive characteristic of the type of coffee owned by Starbucks.

Coffee Frappe Blended Starbucks
Coffee Frappe Blended Starbucks (Picture Source:
In the process, this frappe menu is blended, in the process, the presentation is served with ice, milk, coffee, only then blended with the machine. In essence, this coffee has a light trait, but little has a flavor of the coffee. Besides, other types of blend coffee can be enjoyed, for example, Asian Dolce Latte, which is coffee with espresso-based features, combined with creamer and milk.

As beverage licensor Frappe, Starbucks is the sole licensee of the combined beverage of Espresso coffee and condensed whipped milk. The Frappe license was obtained by Starbucks after purchasing The Coffee Connection owned by George Howell, who had made drinks Frappe in the year 1994.
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Other varieties of coffee are interesting to try, namely Java Chip Frappucino, with the pleasure of the crunchy taste of Choco Cips when you enjoy the freshness of this drink. Besides Java Chip Frappucino, there are other types of coffee drinks frappe that you can enjoy is Caramel Frappuccino, this drink is a combination of caramel syrup, ice, milk and whipped cream that is delicious and fused.

And as a note, the caramel used is a caramel that is processed through the process of heating up to 170 degrees Celsius. As the caramel sugar becomes sticky, it becomes a distinct attraction to this drink.

Starbucks Coffee Best Blend

Before entering at the core of the discussion about the best blend coffee in Starbucks, then to get the best blend coffee, you can do it, either before or after roasting, because the enjoyment of coffee blend depends on the coffee beans used.

From some of the above descriptions, the best blend coffee in Starbucks, still held by Starbucks Blonde Roast, with two types of blend coffee that you can choose namely Starbucks Veranda Blend and Starbucks Willow Blend. The Starbucks Veranda Blend is a blend of Latin America, which is a combination of brown and nut lightly toasted. What is interesting about Veranda Blend, when brewed Veranda Blend has a soft flavor with a light coffee enjoyment and a medium acidity level.

Starbucks Coffee Best Blend
Starbucks Coffee Best Blend (Picture Source: thewaterygourmet)
With the enjoyment of this blend, coffee is worth it if Starbucks gives a different price, let alone the quality of coffees is the best. At the Starbucks Willow Blend, it is described as a bright and clean coffee. Willow Blend is a coffee with a blend of Latin America and a mixture of East Africa. With the characteristic citrus flavor with the nature of coffee that is the light body and high acidity.

Speaking of coffee pleasure, do enjoy coffee there is a choice of its own, both single-origin coffee and coffee blends, all back to taste. The main thing is that you can enjoy a coffee and have a coffee machine that is suitable for the coffee drink that you want.

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