A coffee machine is still a favorite tool to produce coffee as a delicious drink. Besides serving as a processed coffee that produces coffee drinks with various flavors. Coffee also provides its business opportunities, which can provide income for those interested in doing business with this coffee. A lot of coffee tools, including coffee machines that help produce the best coffee. One of them is Virtu Coffee Machine. Virtu coffee machine becomes the most liked coffee tool for coffee entrepreneurs because it is easy to use.

The Virtu coffee machine is a coffee machine that is a champion in the United States. Virtu as a coffee machine also has a single cup coffee machine, with the type Virtu bean – ground coffee machine, either can be put on the table or in the form of freestanding.

As one of the coffee machines, which is very supportive and helps businessmen to earn a lot of revenue, this coffee machine offers a solution that is suitable for the demand of coffee drinks. Besides that, the brand coffee machine Virtu easy to use and easy in the maintenance process.

The Virtu Coffee Machine

Virtu is the best coffee machine, provide a form of luxury over the coffee machine, coupled with the ease of use with the availability of various buttons on the machine surface to facilitate you in making coffee. Even with one modern facility, you just have to press a button, then the drink you want can be enjoyed immediately.

The Virtu Coffee Machine
Virtu Coffee Machine (Picture Source: americanvendingonline)
As one of the best coffee machine, the Virtu coffee machine is a coffee machine that supports the eco-friendly concept, and also as a well-known eco-friendly coffee machine and sustainable. It can be indicated by:
  • The resulting coffee produces only a little waste.
  • The Virtu coffee machine does not use plastic discs that can clog landfills.
  • The Virtu coffee machine is designed to have a long engine life and can be renewed.
  • Free from petroleum.
  • As an environmentally friendly coffee machine, the attraction is the coffee powder can be used as compost.

Virtu Coffee Machine Specs

As one of the highly featured coffee machines in the American Srikat, the model Virtu Single Cup Ben-Grinded Coffee Machine, become one of the coffee machines that you deserve, especially if you have a coffee business that requires the best coffee machine.
If you want this Virtu coffee machine, in dimensions, a single cup coffee machine, for a countertop has dimensions 34 1/4 "H x 17" W x 21.1 "D. As for the freestanding-dimensional, it has a dimension of 69 3/4" H x 17 "W x 21.1" D.

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For the water supply in this Virtu coffee machine, there are two options that you can choose, namely can be inserted into the main water supply or you can choose the Flojet Gravity Fed water pump that can be connected on a 5-gallon water bottle.
For features: There are touch screen interface, Stainless Steel front, environmentally friendly, Illuminated Cup stand, two whole bean selections and also energy-saving mode.

For the result of the resulting drink, model coffee machine Virtu Single Cup Ben-Grinded Coffee Machine, there are 27 types of drinks produced this coffee machine, among others: coffee, Extra strength Coffee, extra strength decaf coffee, decaf coffee, espresso, Double shot espresso, triple shot espresso, cappuccino, double cappuccino, triple cappuccino, Café Latte, double Café latte, Triple Café Latte, French Vanilla, Espresso Vanilla, Vanilla Cafe, vanilla cappuccino, vanilla latte, Hot chocolate, Hot chocolate With milk, milk shot, vanilla shot, Espresso chocolate, chocolate shot, Espresso shot and 8 oz water.

It was a short review of the single-cup Virtu Coffee machine. Hopefully useful.

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