Having an idea to make furniture from unusual materials becomes an interesting thing. Many ways can be done to get the best furniture that can complement your living room, even your minimalist home. For you who have a coffee lover who has a fantastic idea, of course, have household furniture with the best idea to be a self-centered pleasure. From a variety of materials that can inspire you to get a coffee table, one of them is the material from the airplane part. Airplane coffee table, an interesting idea to have a coffee table from an airplane part.

There are many ways to get interesting ideas and designs using airplane parts. One of them is ordering a coffee table with material from an airplane wing, which can be transformed into a unique table. Have you ever imagined a plane that has not operated converted into furniture or household furniture? You must be confused to imagine because nowadays it started a lot of material modification of the aircraft used for furniture use, especially the coffee table.

And this has happened, with the emergence of real photographs showing the existence of a coffee table of aircraft wing materials, not only a coffee table but various household furniture, many are made with modified materials from the fuselage Fly. It's interesting, of course, the living room can be more artistic and more futuristic.

Airplane Inspired Coffee Table

Using unused scrap material into an item that can be used to be an interesting idea, especially to reduce dirt or debris that accumulates. Likewise, with inoperable aircraft, it will usually disassemble and take part that is still useful for reuse, but the remainder will be discarded as a plane or finally used for other uses, such as for Restaurant.

Airplane Inspired Coffee Table
Airplane Inspired Coffee Table (Picture Source: royhomedesign)
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One of the airlines, Lufthansa, which is the airline from Germany, does a different way to the aircraft that are no longer used. Lufthansa deliberately changed the aircraft with the registration code D-AIHO into a product that is popular and can be collected by tourists.

Plane Coffee Table Book

One of the products made from the aircraft wing is a coffee table. This coffee table is made from slats and side panels. The creators of this furniture are Lufthansa, Miles & More GmbH and Lufthansa Technik. This Program is called Luthfansa Upcycling Collection which deliberately makes furniture from parts of aircraft that have been withdrawn after operating for 10 years of service.

Plane Coffee Table Book
Plane Coffee Table Book (Picture Source: 
In addition to coffee table products, part of the aircraft can also be made the table of Windows and safety glass. The idea of making furniture and other unique designs is an excellent result of the airline's design team who also make furniture utilizing the outside of the other aircraft.

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