With the growth of coffee into the main drink in daily life, it also develops the equipment to process coffee into a delicious drink. It makes coffee machine manufacturers, has an amazing idea to create sophisticated and modern coffee machines that help coffee lovers to enjoy a delicious coffee. Coffee in the form of beans will be processed by the automatic coffee making machine with a quick process by not eliminating the original flavor in coffee. From various brands of existing coffee machines, we are interested in the "Curtis Coffee Maker" which has a somewhat different shape to other coffee machines.

Coffee Maker is a machine that is always in the coffee booth. Various brands of coffee machines one of them is in the café or coffee shops that provide coffee even espresso. Call it coffee machine The Curtis brand, this coffee machine maker, namely Wilbur Curtis, is a company that has been established for decades, which only concentrates on coffee maker products for commercial purposes. Until now the company is still doing important research to make the perfect coffee machine and the best with the main purpose to get consistent brewing results and can be applied to various profiles roasting.

A modern-type Curtis coffee machine is a coffee brew that features a touch panel with various features with a target market for café, bars to restaurants.

Curtis Coffee Makers Commercial

One of the Curtis coffee machines that we intentionally see is the Curtis coffee machine with the type Curtis G4 GCC. As a commercial-focused coffee machine, this machine consumes 3,000 watts of electrical power to heat 6.7 liters of water within 10 minutes. This machine has dimensions of 33.3 x 53.3 x 46 cm with a machine weight of 15 kg.

Curtis Coffee Makers Commercial
Curtis Coffee Makers (Picture Source:
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Curtis G4 GCC Type coffee machine, has interesting specifications with the flagship features, as follows:
  • There is a touch screen.
  • There is a setting for water tank temperature.
  • This coffee machine can render coffee for each brew and can store 40 types of recipes that can be downloaded via the USB connection.
  • There is a temperature setting for brewing.
  • G4 Technology's feature can make the coffee a maximum of 12 pulses, pre-infusion time, to the amount of water for a single process.
  • It can provide a diagnosis if there is damage that can be seen directly on the screen.

How To Use Curtis Coffee Maker

Having a Curtis coffee machine has become a sensation of making coffee more enjoyable. Very easy to operationalize this Curtis G4 GCC engine. Once the coffee machine is connected with an electric flow, you just have to press the "Ready to Brew" button on the touch screen. In the display panel, there are six icon features that you can use to make coffee, but there are 3 important features that you can use in making coffee:
  • Recipes, in this feature you can enter 40 recipes brewing and can make continuously according to the settings of the machine that you have done.
  • Control setting is the temperature setting of the water tank and brew temperature, the lowest temperature in the tank is 79.5 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature used is 96.5 degrees Celsius.
  • Brew setting, this function is used to adjust the volume on each cup of coffee produced with the size of LG (Large) and SM (Small).

Curtis Coffee Maker Reviews

The Curtis G4 GCC coffee machine or also known as the "Curtis Gold Cup Brewer" is a coffee machine that is a mainstay for the coffee tweaker who is given the freedom to make a variety of recipes brewed coffee with the program available on the brewing panel.

Curtis Coffee Maker Reviews
Curtis Coffee Maker(Picture Source: kitchendatabank)
Although it is more focused on commercial purposes, for cafes, restaurants or bars, you can also choose this coffee machine to be used at home.

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