Mugs coffee becomes very vital coffee equipment that a drinker and coffee lover must-have. Even the mugs can be said to be a very personal drinking place because someone in choosing a mug coffee will show the characteristics and identity of the owner of the coffee mug. Also, mug coffee can affect the flavor in coffee, which becomes an important element in enjoying coffee drinks. Flavors can be crowded as subjective elements, and many things affect the flavor of coffee, including the selection of coffee mugs. Plain White coffee mugs, being a mug that is often selected coffee lovers, besides looking more simple and these mugs most commonly found in home furnishings stores.

Take what professor of experimental psychology says from the University of Oxford that is Charles Spence, who says that consumers perceive coffee in general subjectively and depending on their respective experiences. Likewise, the selection of mugs and coffee cups containing subjective elements. Even based on recent research, the perception of bitter taste on coffee can change depending on the color of the place we drink.

Retrieving information from the Medical Daily page, the color and design of a product affect the perception of consumers. The same is also revealed by Federation University Australia, who strongly believes that café owners and baristas can increase coffee sales and can get more customers, only taking into consideration the color of coffee mugs.

Plain White Ceramic Coffee Mugs

The mug is currently a beverage container that we often encounter, its current existence is very popular for coffee lovers. The mug is available in a variety of shapes and interesting designs. But among various types of ceramics when viewed from the material mug, the mug of ceramic material that is not colored very in the studies by coffee lovers, besides considered as the most secure mug or coffee cup, has heat resistance, also As a good isolation effect. For that besides the outside look plain white, the inside of the cup or mug should also be plain white.

Plain White Ceramic Coffee Mugs (Picture Source:
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Chose a coffee mug with a basic color clean white, besides looking clean and nice to see. Mug with a plain white basic material shows that the mug you have is more qualified and more beautiful viewed.

Plain White Coffee Cups With Lids

As a coffee lover, let alone you are very hobby to travel, then you need a mug or coffee mug that is not easy to spill, therefore you need a mug that can absorb heat and can make it easier for you to grind. Therefore, you have to choose a thick mug, with a strong grip and keep your coffee spilled while on the go.

Plain White Coffee Cups With Lids
Plain White Coffee Cups With Lids (Picture Source:
For that, you can choose cups of plain white color, not a problem even though it is not ceramic. And to be durable, you can choose a mug made from stainless steel designed to carry a hot drink equipped with a lid that can make you enjoy a coffee while in the vehicle.

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