From a variety of drinks, coffee is still a drink that always attracts attention, especially if you are the type of person who is always curious about the flavor and type of coffee. With your interest in coffee, it should be if you have home furnishings that can give a sense of comfort in enjoying coffee. There are so many things to be aware of, if you want furniture that is suitable for you, also you have to choose the concept that you will use to choose a coffee table. Certainly must be adapted to your home concept. Reeve Mid-century coffee table, can be one option to fill your living room.

The furniture Model of Reeve Mid Century seems very suitable to be applied to homes that use the modern Mid-Century concept. The modern mid-century Model or style is used to describe the style of a house design built in mid-1950. The design of this model is famous for its simple concept and integrated with nature.

To bring out the design and concept of modern mid-century home decoration, the easiest way is to try to apply warm and natural colors, such as wood color, but also can be used other colors, such as olive green, orange, yellow, even mustard.

Reeve Mid-Century Coffee Table-Oval

With the development of design and change of concept, implementing a mid-century concept can be applied in the living room, especially with the addition of a coffee table from Reeve Mid-Century. By adding a coffee table with an oval shape, the living room looks simple and minimalist. The natural impression is very noticeable with the use of natural materials, especially with the use of genuine wood that has high quality.

Reeve Mid-Century Coffee Table-Oval
Reeve Mid-Century Coffee Table-Oval (Picture Source:
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One example of using an oval-shaped coffee table from Reeve Mid-Century is interesting to display is the form of coffee table with oval design coffee table – Marble top, offer from offered at $799, if lucky, you can Get the price only $559.30. The discount price is very profitable when you order it now. With an oval-shaped coffee table model inspired by the model year 1950 and the year 1960, the shape of the coffee table on the top is made of marble, with sturdy wooden legs coupled with additional metal from brass. Table Size 58 "W x 24" D x 17 "H.

Reeve Mid Century Coffee Table Reviews

Speaking of a Mid-century coffee table model, then this coffee table model reminds a minimalist coffee table, with its functions almost the same, namely to put meals and drinks, especially your favorite coffee. It is not complete a house without being equipped with a table, especially a coffee table. The guest desk with a mid-century concept will make the room in your house become more vivid and attractive.

Reeve Mid Century Coffee Table Reviews
Reeve Mid Century Coffee Table (Picture Source: knittystash)
Even a minimalist coffee table can make the atmosphere with a luxurious nuance, especially with the use of the right materials. A coffee table is not always a round shape, even the Reeve Mid-century coffee table oval shape becomes more attractive with an elegant look. A coffee table does have many shapes, designs and models, depending on you in choosing the concept of the house, which will later form the furniture that corresponds to the concept there, can be with the concept of classical, modern minimalist, vintage, contemporary, even models Mid-century as we are talking about above.

Still confused with the selection of coffee table for additional living room appearance, you just open the coffee table model that is on this website and try to find information from the Internet about the coffee table model you need.

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