What can you do with a cup of coffee?. Of course, there are many things you can do, especially with a cup of coffee at the coffee table. Nowadays, the coffee table becomes an inevitable need, especially for coffee lovers. With the presence of a coffee table in the living room, it becomes a uniqueness of its own, especially with the small shape, but a focal point in the middle of the living room. To determine the choice of a coffee table, at least you have to adjust to the concept and shape of your house when you choose the concept of minimalist house, the skinny coffee table can be an option to fill your living room.

A lot of coffee table selection that you can choose. Coffee table becomes one of the most popular furniture nowadays, especially since coffee rose class into a premium beverage that began to be liked by all circles so that making coffee inspires all things related to coffee. With the function of a coffee table that is used to put food and drinks, a coffee table can also be used to store magazines, books can even be used to work.

Coffee table with a skinny model has many designs, but the main thing that encourages the concept of skinny, is a minimalist concept, with a rectangular shape with a slim model. This Skinny Model coffee table is perfect when placed in the middle of the room, between the chair or the couch, and the table of the box becomes a focal point to make the living room more attractive.

Skinny Black Coffee Table

Coffee table with a skinny model indeed has its uniqueness, with elongated and somewhat short shape, causing a coffee table with this model is perfect to put in a house with a minimalist concept. Coffee table with a skinny model has the main characteristic, namely, the table legs are rather short compared to the usual coffee table. The coffee table with this model is perfect for the living room that does not use the chair or by sitting on the floor above the carpet.

Skinny Black Coffee Table
Skinny Black Coffee Table (Picture Source: knittystash)
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Black Skinny Model coffee table, very suitable for the living room with the concept as above. The skinny Model is indeed inspired by 1950 furniture and nowadays began to be enthused again by the community to beautify the modern minimalist living room.

Long Skinny Coffee Table

One more minimalist coffee table model suitable for your living room, ie coffee table with long skinny design. This coffee table Model is suitable for a minimalist house with a wide space and length, or if placed in a limited space, can be placed on the side of the couch, so instead of being placed in the middle of the living room. But even though this coffee table is elongated, it is very interesting to fill your living room.

Long Skinny Coffee Table
Long Skinny Coffee Table (Picture Source:
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